Music Promotion Worldwide Introducing new Features in Music

Music Promotion Worldwide to include latest and pristine versions on YouTube Gold.

They introduced a single mix tape out of sound cloud as well as YouTube known as ‘Raised in the studio’. A second brand new album named ‘Welcome to the streets’ was recently published at digital store.

Music Promotion Worldwide comprises of nearly five million plays in sound cloud and counting. A locked in radio play is also available. It features a song named ‘Gold’ ranked as number six amongst the most requested songs list in the New Orleans FM station. It has been named as hot 94.9 FM.

It features a bin in two prominent magazines named ‘Rockerz Magazine’ and ‘Pop Vista Magazine’. Very recently, Music Promotion Worldwide was included in numerous blogs such as Hip Hop weekly. The song ‘Gold’ sung by Young Saint Nick and Victor Ardene primarily focuses on intense feelings and emotions such as energy, fun, zest, light-hearted, determination and courage.

The CEO of the company stated that ‘The song laid special emphasis on the life of Saint Nick’. In addition, this song helps in carving out the innate abilities and skills. Establishing a personal identity helps in eliminating the worries occurred in the past. The song portrays various stories about an individual, out of which few people do not take pride from where they hail from.

The popular song ‘Her’ sung by Saint Nick and Victor Ardene describes in detail about Saint Nick who fell in love with a girl during his childhood days. The song focuses on the intense love and affection for the girl.

About the company

Music Promotion Worldwide is blessed with a team of independent and professional local artist. Each member can seamlessly access management, distribution and marketing. It keeps you connected all the time by listening to various genres of songs including R&B music, country, rock music, hip-hop, Latin and reggae. The primary objective of Music Promotion Worldwide is to get connected with fans thereby enhancing the online presence and boost their productivity.

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