Multi-Million Serial Entrepreneur Nenad Korof Dominating Every Industry He Sets His Eyes On

Nenad Korof is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Advance Crypto Academy which he has grown to 16,000+ members and the #1 online education platform for trading cryptocurrencies and forex in North America. Having gone through a string of failures, he shares what it has taken him to grow an empire and achieve success at a young age.

Nenad “Neno Korof” is a Serbian-Canadian born serial entrepreneur, angel investor, trader, philanthropist, and more. His latest venture being the CEO of Advance Crypto Academy which has grown to 16,000+ members in a matter of months has become North America’s #1 online premier education platform on trading cryptocurrencies and Forex. Through his mentorship, he has been able to nurture and create 11 millionaires and dozens of 6 figure earners. After dropping out of college after 2 months at the age of 19- Korof realized he was destined for more at a young age. His first education on being rich came from 2 books – “Think and Grow Rich” along with “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Growing up in a family that escaped the war in 1992 and starting life all over again in Canada, Korof explains the story of the struggles his parents went through with his mom working night shifts at a  job while his father had his own business doing construction and renovation servicing ultra high net worth individuals. Realizing the value of hard work and money while working alongside his father from time to time, Korof was exposed to the lavish lifestyle of the clients his father was servicing from gold ceilings to 20-30,000 sqft mansions.

He chronicles a profound statement he told himself, “The difference between the richest man in America and the poorest man is a fine line of information followed by application. The reason Warren Buffet is the Oracle of Omaha is his ability to find those key pieces of information and apply his principles which propelled him to earn billions.”

Korof joined the Sales and Finance department of a company in Oakville at their head office and became the youngest producer generating the company $2.2 million in revenue – however, he only took home $50,000 after taxes. One day he asked himself “Do I really want to be staring at a screen for the next 50 years?” Realizing that there had to be a better way out, Korof was introduced to his 1st MLM opportunity in which he realized the power of residual income and leveraging other people’s time; however, he experienced little to no success with this opportunity. Later, he was introduced to another company and that’s when he started seeing residual income but it still was not enough to live the life he aspired to.

One day while scrolling through Instagram, he came across an individual who had the lifestyle Korof aspired to live and messaged him asking about his profession. The person invited him for a meeting and showed him the world of Forex and his account of earning $75,000 in 3 days.

With little to no success the first 3 years of trading and after a string of personal and legal problems, he decided to take a break and started a landscaping business followed by a shisha lounge. With both businesses, Korof was still trading time for money and the work started becoming tedious and monotonous – he didn’t envision this being the lifestyle he dreamt of. As a result, he shut down the operations of the businesses.

He recalls that there was no option for him but to figure out how to trade forex and master the principles. One day he had a lightbulb moment and understood that 90% of trading was psychology and 10% was analytics which propelled him to his first million at the age of 23 and he purchased a Gold Lamborghini one week before his 23rd birthday.

In early 2017, to diversify his wealth, Korof was asked about bitcoin by multiple people and he decided to research the technical and backend operations of blockchain and the coins that were being created as a result. Comparing it to the internet in the early days and people exclaiming it as a fad, Korof was introduced by a friend’s business partner who flipped a $6,000 account into $32M trading cryptocurrencies. A big believer in the technology and the potential, Korof was able to make his first million in 9 months. As a result of the success and by popular demand on people seeking Korof’s mentorship and council he started Advance Crypto Academy which has become North America’s #1 online platform for information on trading cryptocurrencies and forex. He also hosts webinars where students can see Korof’s trade in real time and profit alongside a master trader.

“Korof’s ability to time trades and profit from them is unlike no other, having made millions in 2 different instruments and verticals is rare. Normally people are good at one thing- stocks, options, forex, commodities, futures but it seems like whatever instrument Korof trades turns into money.”

His grand ambition to become a billionaire by 30 and solve 2 of the world’s biggest problems: war and hunger has him working countless hours but the life of this multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur still has a little room for fun.

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