Artibo: A New Codable, Affordable, Compact Robot is Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Irvine, CA – On July 30 2018, Cubroid launched a Kickstarter campaign for Artibo, a compact robot with a range of features and accessories that AI fans will love. With over 30 days left until the campaign closes, the team has already surpassed their $10K funding goal, raising over $25K. Artibo is Cubroid’s second Kickstarter campaign and the project is currently on track to be just as successful as their first.

“We put our best effort forward to make everyone who is interested in robotics have an opportunity to easily enjoy this robot,” said Founder, Mark Shin, “That’s why being well-designed and functional is key in how Artibo was created.”

Artibo is that friend you can take anywhere. With a full standing height of 96.6mm and a weight of 0.6 pounds, Artibo is compact and portable enough to bring with you when you leave the house. Unlike other AI robots that are cold and impersonal, Artibo was specifically designed to have a friendlier voice and respond more naturally than the average robot with no personality.

A few of Artibo’s features include a chatbot function, translation, scheduling, and image, voice, and face recognition. You can also use Artibo as a walkie-talkie with real-time “Artibo-to-Artibo” and ”Artibo-to-Device” audio messaging, have it read you a bedtime story, or have Artibo play with your dog for you. Want to learn coding? Artibo’s coding education feature can help you with that too.

Some other things that set this robot apart from others are its affordability and simplicity. Cubroid’s goal is to make their robot accessible to everyone – not just AI lovers with big budgets and coding experience. While most robots only have limited features that get boring after a while, Artibo has customizable features and activities that make for lasting usefulness and fun.

“Artibo comes with several add-ons that let you personalize your robot, just like your phone,” the team explained, “You can change Artibo’s look with a variety of accessories from different colored covers for Artibo’s head (AI block) and wheels to a furry rabbit covering.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain a variety of rewards including one Artibo starting at $79 for Super Early Bird backers, two for $158 and more. Backers can also pledge $103 for an Artibo Special Furry Bunny Ears Set or $206 for two Artibo robots with furry bunny ears.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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