Why it’s a Good Idea to Give This Maple Syrup as a Gift on Special Occasions

Waterloo, Indiana The Indiana maple syrup is cherished by many, and as such, makes for an excellent gift for family and friends. However, with consideration for the numerous suppliers of adulterated Indiana maple syrup, there is the need to patronize companies that offer only high-quality Indiana maple syrup. To ensure that individuals and families in Waterloo, Indiana get the right quality of maple syrup products, KCMA & Services LLC has launched their new service of providing the best Indiana maple syrup in glass bottles. Now their maple syrup is available in a wide range of bottling designs to meet the needs of customers.

KCMA & Services LLC built their business on integrity, quality, and delivery of top-quality products aimed at giving customers the highest level of satisfaction for their money’s worth. The company, being a family-owned business, thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit which was passed down from one generation to the other.

Starting out as more of a hobby, the family began collecting maple sap in the buckets attached to maple trees and soon grew to possess some important equipment for production purposes. Brian, following in the family tradition and business, however, added sophistication and improvements to the production, and as thus, took these to a whole new level.

To mark how far the business has come and their commitment to further improving on the production of the top-quality Indiana maple syrup, KCMA & Services LLC launched four new designs and sizes of bottles for their products. The latest addition comes in sizes between 50ml up to 500 ml glass bottles. Describing the business which has grown to launch a new range of Indiana maple syrup products, Brian Walker, owner of KCMA and Services LLC said that, “local people already love our new bottles. Sure, the color of pure maple syrup grade A amber and dark amber shows very well in elegant glass bottles.” The new products launched by KCMA & Services LLC include the maple syrup grade A amber, with rich taste, and dark amber are available in the glass Vessel bottle, Horizon bottle, Maple leaf bottle, and the Medallion glass bottle.

If you are wondering where to buy maple syrup in bottles, KCMA & Services LLC offers top-quality dark amber maple syrup thru DeKalb and Steuben counties Farmer’s markets and is located in Waterloo, Indiana, 46793. For inquiries, contact them via phone at 260-645-0885, or via email at manager@kcmaas.com. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website at https://maplesyrup.store.   

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