New Dance App Connects Dancers from All Over the World

There’s hardly any better way than dancing to express happiness and enjoy moments! While there is an abundance of ways to express your dancing skills to the public, there has never been a way to effectively connect dancers from around the world. Fortunately, Gig Out Battlegrounds was created to solve that issue by connecting dancers together and allowing them to showcase their abilities.

Introducing Gig Out Battlegrounds

Gig Out Battlegrounds is a recently launched mobile dancing application that allows dancers from around the world to interact with each other by uploading videos, following dancers, and challenging each other to live battles. The app also features a built-in messaging platform where users can chat with each other and talk about anything they want. You can also view dance battles and vote between the two dancers and take part in them yourself.

Dancing is promptly an amazing art and comes in many varied forms. Understandably, not everyone is a pro at dancing, but Gig Out Battlegrounds is accommodating to anyone no matter their skill level. If you’re a beginner, then you have an opportunity to learn how to dance by watching the more experienced dancers and contacting them for tips. For more advanced dancers, you can use the app to display your dance moves and gain popularity.

While some people learn dance moves by attending classes or lessons, many people start by boogying with random moves to the beats of a song. Gig Out Battlegrounds takes into account the history of dance where for centuries, civilizations have lifted their spirits by just dancing with one another. In today’s industrialized society, Gig Out Battlegrounds hopes to rekindle the social aspect of dance by allowing individuals to freely dance with one another, without any structured systems in the case of lessons.

The app’s user base consists of a diverse audience from all over the world, bringing in cultural traditions and dances. The app gives great opportunities and the best environment to showcase your dancing skills.

There’s hardly anyone who does not like dancing! And with Gig Out Battlegrounds, one can simply take part in dancing anytime, and anywhere they want. Thus, no more withholding the passion for dance.

Gig Out Battlegrounds is a free mobile application currently available on the iTunes Store. If you’re interested in the app, then visit and the download the app for an all immersive experience. For more information contact them at, or visit their Instagram page.

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