Bolton First Credit Limited launches the “World’s Biggest Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation”

Bolton First Credit Limited ventures into digital currency with the launch of “World’s Biggest Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation”

Bolton is a UK-based innovative company that has made a name for itself particularly in the real estate sector, dealing with the holding and managing of assets as well as in other industries including Crypto mining and traditional mining. As part of the company’s goals of providing innovative solutions to the world, Bolton First Credit Limited has announced that it will be making a grand entrance into the digital currency space with the launch of what has been described as the “World’s Biggest Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation”.

The digital currency space has been expanding in recent times, with different industries and businesses looking to leverage the features and benefits of the blockchain-powered idea that is seemingly decentralizing the financial system. Digital currency mining is an important part of cryptocurrrency world. Consisting of hardware and software aspects, the mining technology and miners seem to have met a brick wall with the use of standard desktop computer becoming impossible for effective and profitable mining. Consequently, mining has become more difficult and less cost-effective, as a specially designed miner is now needed to mine most digital currencies, most especially Bitcoin. This is where Bolton First Credit Limited is looking to make a difference with the initial coin offering of the BFCLCoin.

The company aims to use funds generated during the ICO, which is currently at the private sale stage to ensure easier and more profitable mining, with 23% of the ICO targeted at acquiring the miners and inserting them into energy project developed to significantly cripple the cost of mining energy to as low as 0%.

With a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals, Bolton aims to work with external advisers to ensure that the right mix of miners is acquired. The team is consequently considering different A-list miners and developers of mining technology to ensure the project is a success.

The Crowdfunded Crypto Mining Operation allow virtually anyone across the globe to mine Bitcoin and other major digital currencies by being a part of the ICO, which is scheduled to commence in January 2019, after the conclusion of the private sale on the 31st December, 2018.

Bolton is also providing an opportunity for the public to profit from mining digital currencies without having to break the bank or going through the stress of acquiring technical knowledge.

More information about the initial coin offering and the project as a whole can be found on the website.

About Bolton First Credit Limited

Bolton First Credit Limited is an innovative company that is aiming to create a better world for everyone. Headquartered in London, the company deals with the holding and managing of assets from specific industries such as Real estate, Crypto mining and traditional mining. The firm has its dealings in real estate with some of the world’s most luxurious areas and has its mining farms where commodities such as gold ad gemstones are mined. The company also has mines for digital assets set up in different parts of the world.

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