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Company Vakil is an Online Patent filing Platform in India, which provides Patent Registration in India via a Patent e filing Certificate at most Affordable prices and also offers first free consultation regarding your queries for Patent Registration Process in India with help of its Intellectual Property Experts, Lawyers and Patent Agents

A new law based start-up by the name of Company Vakil offers its client with services such as patent registration, Patent e Filing, Full and Provisional Patent filing in a hundred percent online process. With legal experts as a part of their team, their objective is to make the registration process full proof and easy for their clients, with a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

The process of creating a unique and new product is cumbersome, so to say the least. Inventors have their moment of spotlight when their invention is found to be of benefit to the society. Making sure that an invention stays unique to its inventor is not necessarily that easy. Competitors in the market are endless, with everyone wanting to make profits, whether ethically or unethically. In such times, it becomes a common practice for the inventions and ideas to be stolen or imitated by competitors. The government being the caretakers of its citizens has been dedicated in its attempts to make life comfortable and rewarding for everyone. A part of these attempts is to reward inventors for creating inventions that resolve existing problems of the ordinary man, as well as people across economic and social strata’s.

Patent Application for registration is one such service which is provided by the government of India. When an invention made is unique, new and inventive is resolving problems, whether technological or otherwise, the inventor holds the power to have his inventions registered as the same. Patent registration in India, like copyright registration, is a reward to an inventor for disclosing their invention for the benefit of the public. The inventor or the owner of the Intellectual Property is also known as patentee. Through patent registration in India, he is granted an exclusive right over the invention, granting him protection from duplicity and unauthorized use of his invention. For a first free consultation with Intellectual Property Experts of Company Vakil regarding Patent Registration in India Click Here

Patent registration under Indian law allows the patentee or inventor to control and regulate the making, selling, importing or using of the product or invention that he has gotten registered. All these processes cannot be carried out for the patented product or invention without the consent or permission of the inventor or patentee. Certain considerations need to be fulfilled for the grant of a patent:

  1. Inventive Step: The invention must be innovative. The term ‘inventive step’ refers to the patent being a step that comprises of technical advancement. It should signify a forward step in the knowledge that exists or holds some economic significance.
  2. Novelty: The invention must be new and should not have been either used or made before. The idea is to have different and new characteristics, unknown amongst public knowledge, therefore making it unique to the inventor.
  3. Utility: The new invention must have some utility. It must be of use and should be helpful to the public and community.
  4. Industrial Application: The invention must be such that it may be used in an industry.

The Patent Office, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Mark are authorized to inspect and process all applications for patent registration in India. However, the Intellectual Property protection is granted for a limited time. For an invention to be protected under the law it must have the above mentioned 4 qualities. Patent e filing in India helps the patentee or the inventor to have a legal protection against infringement, granting him a monopoly. Inventions should be registered because the patent filing process has several benefits to offer. To start with, it gives the inventor or the patentee an exclusive right over the intention and brings with it legal protection. Secondly, it provides aid in acing competition in the market since this registration offers a monopoly, for as long as the same stands, which is as much as 20 years. Thirdly, financially, it has a lot to offer since the patentee or the inventor has a right to obtain royalty from any usage of his registered patent. On top of this, a registered one can be transferred or sold through simple transfers or franchises.

The Online patent filing Procedure in India, while effective and beneficial, can be cumbersome. To start one must compile all of the details related to the intellectual property and information on it. Applicability, area, usage and the process applicable for its use are some details that need to be compiled carefully. Under Indian patent law, not all inventions can be patented. Therefore, the next step would be to check whether their invention is patented or not, because sometimes it may already be protected. The next thing is to do is to file the application for patent registration along with the information and details with the Intellectual Property Office. The Intellectual Property Office will then examine the application to ensure that the 4 necessary qualities are fulfilled. In case objections are observed, they are conveyed to the applicant who is permitted to work upon the objection. Once the examination is completed and the application is found to be in line with the necessary requirements, the Intellectual property is registered under the name of the inventor. At the same time, it is updated online on the website of the IP Office and also notified through the patent journal.

With Company Vakil services, an inventor can have his/her inventions protected from various parts of the country. Company Vakil works with a team of experts trained and experienced in Intellectual Property law, company secretary practice as well as chartered accountancy. The Start-up aims at seamless and effort-free registration process for all inventors. The team at Company Vakil is dedicated to customer satisfaction, offering a top-notch redressal team that works with customers and clients in resolving issues. If the customer redressal team does not resolve the issues, then they have the option of even interacting with the CEO. Dissatisfaction is unacceptable at Company Vakil, making customer satisfaction the key aspect, so much so that the start-up offers a money back guarantee. At Company Vakil, what you see is what you get, and the prices are a hundred percent transparent and no additional costs are added at a later beyond. Every stage of the registration process is shared with the inventors and updates are provided at every step. 

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