Cryptocurrency companies have been buying NASCAR sponsorship opportunities with their own tokens to further brand themselves to millions of people in the US.

PITTSBURG, PA – August 28th, 2018 – The end of the first week of July, 2018 saw one of the most exciting NASCAR races of the year, as one giant fireball blazed the track that hosted more than a dozen cars, providing an instant adrenaline rush to the stunned audience.

However, it was one other occasion that made the event all the more special – and that was DragonChain’s logo appearance on Driver Corey Lajoie #72’s vehicle. The mastermind behind this smart move, which inaugurated a new era in crypto marketing and branding, was none other than Mr. Rusty Kuchta, who brought other crypto companies, such as Attrace, and Crypto Influencer and TV Show host, Crypto Crow, along for the ride. Through its foray in NASCAR advertising, the DragonChain brand was broadcast to a whopping 4.2 million audience members, the majority of whom were introduced to the company for the first time.

Rusty is no stranger to success, and is known to make bold choices when it comes to his entrepreneurial ventures. Inspired by crypto YouTubers such as Crypto Crow, Rusty had an epiphany: what if he served as a mediator for NASCAR advertising for crypto companies?

Putting his plan to work, he went on to buy the sponsorship rights to a series of NASCARs, and offered them to crypto companies looking to tap into this marketing avenue that grants them instant access to an audience of millions NASCAR fans, in exchange for each company’s digital tokens. In attempting to bolster his efforts, Rusty brought Crypto Crow on board to  help him in better understanding the various projects being laid in  his lap, as well as in selecting the projects with the most promise for future potential.

While, initially, Rusty’s plan might have seemed far-fetched to some, it proved to be an ideal new outlet for establishing trust and creating social media buzz among two completely different communities. After all, NASCAR is the largest spectator sport in the US, with television ratings measuring 4 to 5 million viewers of various socioeconomic backgrounds per race.

Among the first that adopted Russell’s plan were DragonChain, Attrace, Rewards Token, Monarch Token and Ternio. With opportunities available for most any budget, it is expected that more crypto companies looking to establish themselves in the eyes of the mainstream market, while drawing in newcomers to the space, will find sponsoring NASCAR a fruitful venture – not to mention sponsors receive Pit Passes that enable them to sit with the Pit Crew during the races with all access.

Due to the current down market, some special pricing circumstances may be offered to select crypto companies with trading history. After having watched the market fall over the past 7 months, and in preparation for the next uptrend, the majority of cryptocurrency companies isn’t interested in spending large sums of their own token. As such, Rusty shared that there may be options for some companies to peg their token value higher than the current pricing, so as to still give them the ability to capitalize on the current race season.

For companies looking to get it on the action, all interested parties are encouraged to contact Rusty Kuchta for pricing or visit for more details.

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