Emerging filmmaker, Zheng Hua’s pivotal and moving biopic, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’: the true tale of Guo Jian Nan – “Brother Guo Jian Nan” or “forever Brother Nan” – one that will forever live on in the LiTan Villagers’ hearts.

Los Angeles, CA – August 28, 2018 – Explore and discover the wondrous efforts of selflessness, dedication and adventure that change a village forever with TriCoast Entertainment’s exclusive U.S. release of Zheng Hua’s ‘EVERYDAY HERO’, now streaming here on several VOD platforms including Amazon:

“No country has a larger economic divide between city & country than China. While people living in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai can command wages equaling that of any capital in the West, many people in the countryside still live below the poverty line,” opened Cultured Vultures. With film’s main focus on the need to alleviate rural poverty in China, EVERYDAY HERO is based on the “true story of how one man turned the fortunes of a devastated village around.”

Cultured Vultures summarized: “The protagonist, Guo Jian Nan (Sun Hong Tao), is an ordinary man. He works as an engineer for a large firm in Guangzhou, living alongside his wife and daughter. Yet, only a few hundred miles away, the village of Li Tan has been struck into poverty by a local monsoon. His company — the generically titled Heavy Metals Industry — quickly assigns him to the village, with the idea of building a massive factory in order to provide jobs. Once he arrives in Li Tan village, he is struck by the charm of the locals and heartbroken by their plight. Soon the idea of building a factory fades away as he looks for practical solutions to their problems.”

Guo Jian Nan portrays that “no twist could unseat him from his dedication to do the right thing,” as in nearly two years, he is able to help the “monsoon-ravaged Village” overcome poverty and achieve prosperity. By “showing smart and practical ways to lift people out of poverty – Nan is fond of practical and simple ideas. Instead of building an unneeded factory, he looks at what is already there — such as a local woman selling eggs from geese, and potentially profitable oysters from a nearby fishery — and sees how local produce can be boosted to increase the economic stature of the village. It’s not simply a case of throwing money at a problem, but working with the locals to make sure they can fix the problems themselves.”

But, as no good deed goes unpunished, Guo Jian Nan’s hardworking efforts take its toll when he suffers a sudden heart attack due to overwork, passing away on his desk.

Produced by Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd., EVERYDAY HERO exemplifies the endless “dedication to the village” and its people exemplifies Guo Jian Nan’s long-lasting legacy – one that will forever live on in the LiTan Villagers’ hearts, and will inspire many worldwide. “The sentiment behind the gentle movie is to be applauded.”

Supported by Guangdong Southern TV & Film Communication Co., China Film Group and several other Mainland Chinese investors, EVERYDAY HERO ends “with a postscript detailing China’s dedication to take rural people out of poverty by 2020, […] making it as much an pedagogical tool to be shown in schools as a work of art in its own right. You get the sense that it was not only film producers who read the screenplay and watched the dailies, making sure that this biopic of a loyal Communist Party member got all the details right.”

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EVERYDAY HERO (2017, 91 min.) Directed by Zheng Hua. Produced by: Sun Hong Tao. Cinematography by: He Yong Jian. Edited by: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. China, Chinese. Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd. TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd.

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