Praise For Dr. Dee Carroll’s New Book, Emotional Emancipation

Dee Carroll, Ph.D., speaker, coach, and consultant, has a captivating personal experience with reinvention. Overcoming devastating and overwhelming odds to recreate a beautiful life, Dee Carroll spent over 28 years in HR and management, owned her own multi-million dollar firm, and holds degrees in psychology, and business administration and management.

Her new book, Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond shows readers how they can achieve similar results.

“Dee Carroll is a master at putting adversity into perspective. Emotional Emancipation gives you the freedom to re-create your life.”
— Lorraine Justice, Ph.D., Dean Emerita, Rochester Institute of Technology

“For those struggling through adversity – self imposed or life imposed – Emotional Emancipation provides a clear-eyed roadmap back to freedom! If you need a kick in the pants to get up and get going again, this book can be a lifesaver! Dr. Dee nails it!”
— Joe Coughlin, Owner, Coconut Joe’s Restaurant and Catering

“Dee’s book clearly shows us how everything that happens is a gift, how adversity can make us magnificent creatures if we let it, and how embracing it can bring about an amazing journey of emotional healing and overall health. I love this book.”
— Homayoun Sadeghi, MD

“Emotional Emancipation is a must-read regardless of what stage of life you are at.  It could just be the one thing that supports your journey to destiny!”
— Lisa Nichols, Featured Teacher in the Secret

“My prescription is my FREEDOM acronym,” says Dr. Dee Carroll. “Which can be used anytime you want to become emotionally emancipated.”

  • Forgive yourself and others (realize your part in the situation)
  • Rejuvenate, replenish, and reward yourself (take time for you)
  • Embrace the possibility (change your perception, change your life)
  • Express gratitude while being enlightened (be thankful for the growth-there is no growth without adversity)
  • Don’t quit, stay in the game (your chance of winning is based on your commitment to stay the course)
  • Own the fear (take ownership as opposed to allowing fear to own you)
  • Move beyond agony to achievement (your time is now)

Dr. Carroll’s new book, Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond is now available online and wherever books are sold.

About Dr. Dee Carroll:

Dee Carroll, Ph.D., is a speaker, coach, and consultant dedicated to helping people liberate themselves from their past and reinvent their lives. After a devastating setback in her own life, Dr. Dee beat the odds to recreate a beautiful life for herself and is determined to help others do the same. As the Emotional Emancipation Doctor, she aims to lead you to success, empower you to achieve your goals, and guide you to where you want to be.

As a seasoned life coach, Dr. Dee is passionate about working with individuals, corporations, and small businesses to achieve their goals. Through her unique tools, you or your audience will learn to unlock their full potential. Dr. Dee encourages her clients to set attainable life goals while shifting their perspective to implement them.

About the Book:

Emotional Emancipation: Step Into Your Freedom, Reinvent Your Challenges, and Move Beyond (AlCinde Publishing, July 19, 2018) is available, in print and ebook on and wherever books are sold.

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