DJ SunnyMega becomes a popular local hit in Kent Music Industry and the entire UK

TRIBAL HOUSE – CLUB HOUSE – A variety of new productions from DJ SunnyMega across two campaigns, first up is “Dhol Beat’, “It Ain’t Me,” “Never Forget You,” “Shape Of You” and “Touch” released on the Union Music Group.

Cawdor, Scotland, United Kingdom – August 28, 2018 – The 28-year-old DJ SunnyMega hasn’t stopped growing; his sound has been described as electronic beat music, dubstep and dance with an eastern twist and his influences include Pitbull amongst others. He has always wanted to redefine music; the development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Although he struggled to convince his immediate family at first; they couldn’t deny him of support for too long. (That’s how good DJ SunnyMega has grown to be).

In his own words, Sunny says “I am obsessed with music because it brings me happiness and it’s what I most enjoy creating.” Other influences include hip-hop, pop, dance and club music. Music in the United Kingdom hasn’t stopped growing, and DJ Sunny Mega has taken advantage. He has a mission to explore new sounds, expand his musical reach and touch the world positively. DJ Sunny Mega musical journey began in Kent, England, it was here that he developed his musical tastes and interests, and it wasn’t long before he picked up various musical instruments all of which have had a profound influence on the direction his musical journey has taken.

After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to showcase his talent in various venues across Kent (and the United Kingdom in general), playing at numerous gigs and making sure that as many people heard his name and music as possible. He has quickly get famous for the unique style that he brought to the traditional, English scene, and his popularity is growing.

As his confidence grew and his style developed, he soon saw a loyal following begin to grow and he became a popular local hit in the Kent music scene. His talent with a variety of musical instruments only added to his appeal, and his unique sounds with a twist started to find an appreciative audience. But although his name was continuing to grow in Kent, it was not only here that he was destined to become a star. Instead, DJ SunnyMega developed an affinity with the United Kingdom (as a whole) having traveled around the country frequently as a child. Here his musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by the sounds of English Musical style that he found all around him, he isn’t restricted or limited to one genre of music.

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His influences are fast, which his music collection demonstrates, providing a room full of music from every corner of the globe. DJ Sunny Mega S K Tank (Sunny Tank) has also started A career in the movie industry. He has appeared in two short films: Lilly (in 2014) and Red Line (also in 2014). DJ Sunny Mega is signed to the Nimbit & Union Music Group record labels.

DjSunnyMega Bio

Dj sunnymega is a composer, producer and was 28 years old Born on 21 Nov in Punjab (India) living in the United Kingdom. He released his first Single in 2013; since then, he started to release more songs and collaborating with other musical artists.

DjSunnyMega mixes up tracks experimentally and uniquely twisting sounds into unrecognizable but innovative and uplifting soundscapes with a spiritual and eastern twist. Read more at

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