3000 Records Among Companies Attacked By Reputation Hackers

While defamation is illegal, many reputation hackers continue to abuse people and companies online by posting false information about them. They can even use Google to ensure that the content will rank highly, while destroying the reputation of their victims. Among the many victims of reputation attacks includes 3000 Records, a company that has been in business for over 22 years. “It’s hard to read the false content posted, and realize that someone would maliciously attack my personal reputation, and business that I worked to build throughout much of my life,” said Terrance D. Schemansky.

After some consideration, Terrance decided to use the website Quora to create a blog post about the defamation he experienced.  This can be found at https://3000recordsreview.quora.com/Complaint-Review-3000-records-Terrance-D-Schemansky Since the attack, he has been learning about reputation management online, something he never even thought about until this year. While any person or company is vulnerable to reputation hackers, Terrance expressed that nobody can understand what it feels like unless it happens to them.

Afterall, who doesn’t use Google to research a person or company? For example, people use Google to research a product or service before making a purchase decision. Employers search Google with a person’s name before an employment decision. If anything comes up that even questions someone’s credibility it can cost them greatly. Unfortunately, Google requires a court order to de-list defamation published content that has been indexed by Google. This leaves victims practically unable to fend for themselves unless they have thousands of dollars to hire a law firm, and eventually have the content de-listed, maybe.

While nobody deserves to be defamed due to libel and slander, it’s not something that is within the control of victims. However, for companies like 3000 Records that have been greatly effected, their options are limited. As 3000 Records continues to move forward diligently, the company owner has learned a powerful lesson. He said, “It is foolish to think that Google is genuinely interested in protecting any personal or business reputation, when they list defamation content in search results as reputations are destroyed.” Terrance suggested he may take legal action to have defamation content de-listed by Google, but that the legal expenses would be great for his small business. Meanwhile, he continues to support his family, and perhaps work harder than ever to keep his business moving forward.

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