New life-changing book “The Workplace” by Christian author unveils new insights on workplace challenges and their divine connection with God’s purpose

“The Workplace” by Rhonda Anderson is aimed to help readers understand the Biblical perspective to workplace challenges to guide them towards healing in face of trials.

Richmond, VA – August 28, 2018 – Workplace can be a challenging environment that often puts us into many unsavory circumstances. But what if it is said that every trial we face at the workplace is somehow tied to a deeper purpose or plan with our life and that purpose is decided by a higher authority, say God? Well, a new life-changing book brings to light an enlightening revelation about the divine connection between our workplace experiences and God’s purpose with our lives that will eventually help us to have a better understanding on the challenges and take us on a healing journey. 

Titled “The Workplace”, the new enlightening book is written by renowned Christian author, minister and prophetic intercessor Rhonda Anderson. The book was launched on August 15, 2018 on Amazon.

“The Workplace” is for anybody who is actively involved in the work environment. More precisely, it’s for everybody on this planet who is destined by God to be a laborer with a workplace and includes but not limited to corporate workers, noncorporate workers, housewives, mentors, teachers, janitors, armed service workers and so on. 

“Everyone has a unique workplace and all of us have faced bitter experiences or crisis at workplace at some point in our lives. AndWorkplace challenges can be disturbing. But if we can view our job as assignments tied to our purpose- the divine purpose as defined by God himself- we will be able to heal ourselves. And this is what this book is all about”, stated the author. 

“The Workplace” comes with a tagline – “To every thing there is a season”.

In fact it’s the “seasons” which forms the main focus of the book. But the term “seasons” here does not refer to the 4 seasons in general sense like fall, winter, summer or spring. Instead, the word “seasons” here point to the Biblical reference of seasons which describes it as “appointed times”. 

According to the book, we all have appointed times in our lives which are deeply connected to our purpose in life. Our workplace is any physical place where we all have assignments waiting for us which are connected to a purpose as defined by God and are driven by a divine process. 

“The Workplace will challenge the reader to look beyond the paycheck and ‘Think purpose’. It will help the readers to view seasons and times from a Biblical perspective so that they can develop a deeper understanding on their purpose and how every thing they do impact their life. This way, we will be able to have greater appreciation of just how important the workplace and our assignments are.” 

Dedicated to people facing trials at work, “The Workplace”, will help with restoration and insights. It will also guide them to prepare for the “seasons” within working environments so that they can deal with them in a more peaceful way. The fundamental driver behind “The Workplace” is the message that prayer is crucial to any kind of work obligations that are assigned to everybody in life. 

Readers will also find some written prayers in the book that will enable them to wrestle with their purpose. 

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