ISLK USA to offer Free giveaway to Instagram followers every month

ISLK will be rewarding its loyal active Instagram followers with a special contest that will allow winners to order merchandise from ISLK’s online store – completely free of cost.

Chicago, IL – August 28, 2018 – Great news for fashionistas on Instagram. Rising urban clothing brand, ISLK, has announced they will offer FREE merchandise to active Instagram followers who leave comments on specially chosen Instagram posts. The free reward will be awarded based on a contest that will be run every month, beginning in September.

According to ISLK’s social media manager Algeria Torres, the company will post a contest once a month. The brand will release an Instagram story that will show the merchandise being rewarded, and the story will offer a pre-warning window to the followers about the dates of the contest: at least 2-5 days prior to the creation of the actual contest post. Winners will be chosen randomly from the contest post comments through the “EasyPromos” randomization service. Only followers are eligible to win. The merchandise that will be given away and the name of the winners will be announced in another Instagram Story post.

So, how do winners receive the free giveaway? Torres informed 5Hout Media that ISLK will reward the winners with a handy 100% off code that they may use to order the merchandise from the company’s website. The offer also includes FREE shipping. 

“It’s our humble effort to give back to our followers. We have gained a huge number of followers on our Instagram page and we truly appreciate their faith in us. Now, we wish to give back to them as a token of our gratitude and appreciation.”

ISLK’s innovative giveback for followers is a FIRST for clothing brands on Instagram. In fact, ISLK is the only clothing house till date to use the popular social media site in this manner. 

Winners of the new ISLK contest are welcome to post a video or photo of the awarded merchandise on Instagram. If the winner uploads a high-quality post, upon the winner’s approval, ISLK will re-post it on its Instagram page and provide a link to the winner’s page. Not only that, if the winner sends ISLK a copy of the photo or video, the brand will also buy Instagram Advertising for that post, linking the post to that winner’s Instagram page. 

“We are hopeful our followers will appreciate our efforts in making them feel special, bolstering their confidence, and potentially assisting them in increasing their own followers.”

Founded in 2017 by popular American DJ Feti D, ISLK is a rising urban clothing brand that aims to present head-turner apparel and accessories for both men and women. The company is driven by the slogan “Confidence is Sexy” and it encourages its customers to feel confident inside and out- no matter what others think or say about them.  

ISLK has come up with a trendy collection of casual clothes. Men can choose from a wide range of tops and headgears. For women, there is a versatile assortment of tops, leggings, skirts and swimwear.  

“ISLK is the abbreviation of ‘I See You Looking’. Our style is all about the unique panache that will compel the onlookers to stare at your clothes, aura and swag in complete awe!”

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