Cogaris launches new innovative Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush that will last a lifetime

Cogaris Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush assures the most convenient and eco-friendly way to eliminate pet hair and dander from any surface and also ensures longevity with its no-tape design.

Los Angeles, CA – August 28, 2018 – Forget struggles with traditional sticky lint rollers that leave you with wasteful tape after a few days of use. Leading pet care product company Cogaris has launched a breakthrough pet hair remover lint brush that will eliminate pet hair in just a flick of a wrist without any sticky mess. The state of the brush also features an eco-friendly no-tape design which assures longevity for lifetime.

The Cogaris Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush is designed to remove shed animal hair from upholstery, clothing, carpets, and also car seats. It is strategically equipped with a soft micro-rake head that enables the brush to collect fine fibers and dander in just a few smooth swipes. The brush’s tender bristles make it a perfect fit for delicate surfaces and fabrics.

One of the main highlights of the brush is its slender ergonomic easy grip handle that enables users to glide and move the brush in varied positions for a holistic cleaning. It’s a double-sided brush which assures efficient cleaning on all sides for tight to reach places, such as the space between car seats or cushions.

But the most striking feature of the brush is surely its environmentally-friendly design. 

“What makes our brush especially unique is its breakthrough eco-friendly reusable design. Unlike regular lint rollers and pet hair removers that demand replacement heads or tape refills, our revolutionary fiber brush is perfectly reusable. Put simply, it does not call for refills and will last you a lifetime without costly waste. It’s through this eco-friendly design, we are putting our own humble effort to reduce waste and make the world a greener and better place to live in,” stated the leading spokesperson from Cogaris.

The spokesperson also mentioned about the unique “self-cleaning” feature of the brush. The new pet hair remover from Cogaris comes with a cutting-edge contoured base that easily wipes the brush eraser clean the moment it is placed in the stand. 

“Our brush stand serves two purposes. On one hand, it poses as a stylish folder to keep the brush in place. And, on another hand, it shoulders all the legwork to keep the brush neat and tidy. Our new pet hair remover lint is an amazing time-saver.”

The advanced Cogaris Pet Hair Remover Lint Brush set also houses a handy empty trapdoor. The trapdoor is attached to the self-cleaning base where users will find a hollow area to dispose all the collected dust, dander, fur, and hair. The hollow area acts as a convenient temporary storage bin which can be emptied easily through a little trapdoor located at the bottom of the base.

“Along with our standard pet hair removal lint brush, we have also come up with a compact travel-friendly pack. It will be great when you are planning for a long weekend drive with your furry friend.”

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