Get Busy Living Pty Ltd CEO Announces Launch of Home Biz Heroes Online Academy for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs

New York City, USA – August 29, 2018 – Get Busy Living Pty Ltd CEO & Founder Mr Damon Tindall is pleased to announce the Launch of a new online academy for Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs! This Academy is designed to assist both prospective and new Home-Based Business Owners to overcome the typical hurdles associated with an online or home business start-up, while also helping those new to the industry to fast-track their business profitability and success.

Mr Tindall, Founder of the Home Biz Heroes Online Academy, has more than 15 years of experience in the Home-Based Business Industry both as a Business Owner; as well a Business Coach and Mentor.

“This is so exciting, we are bringing together many of the very best business coaches and most successful entrepreneurs in the Home Business Space to create a ‘cutting-edge’ learning academy and mastermind team that will be of tremendous benefit to those new to a Work from Home Business…not to mention those that are already well-established,” Mr Tindall said. “We aim to over-deliver on the value-proposition that we provide for each and every one of our Home Biz Heroes members.”

Mr Tindall stated that Home Biz Heroes had already attracted some exceptional coaching and mentoring talent that would help provide the foundation for the weekly mastermind sessions and learning modules to be made available inside the membership portal. Mr Tindall went on to explain the importance of surrounding yourself with a team of successful mentors to help reduce many of the hurdles associated with a new business start-up, while also accelerating the cash-flow and profitability of the business.

“Having A Mastermind Team will assist you to implement the same successful behaviours, actions, habits and strategies of other like-minded Home Business Entrepreneurs… with an understanding that they have experienced many of the same problems and frustrations that you may be experiencing too.” Mt Tindall stated.

Mr Tindall went on to explain that “many of these successful Home-Based Business mentors and coaches had found ways to overcome their obstacles and then go on to earn personal fortunes and create greater wealth than they ever thought possible.” Mr Tindall firmly believes the quote by Famous Business Trainer and Speaker Jim Rohn holds true – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” As such, Mr Tindall said it therefore “makes perfect sense to operate in an environment where you can be influenced by those experiencing significant business success and that have exceptional cash-flows every day.”

Mr Tindall outlined how Home Biz Heroes will be so much more than a website or Facebook page. He stated that the Small Monthly Membership Fee (or a significant Yearly Discount) would give members access to a ‘like-minded’ community of Home Business Entrepreneurs. Members will also get access to our Home Business Academy Portal that will contain Interviews with highly successful business coaches and mentors, online discussion boards with fellow home business ‘newbies’, Mastermind Coaching Sessions and “VIP Access to many of the best income-producing opportunities on the planet”, according to Mr Tindall.

Finally, Mr Tindall outlined how there would be an opportunity for the Home Biz Heroes Membership to help grow the business model and be rewarded with Affiliate Commissions.

Mt Tindall explained “What better way to help our members to start their entrepreneurial journey than by giving them the opportunity to earn a significant part-time income right from the ‘get-go’, whilst creating a ‘win-win’ where our members have an interest in helping us to grow our membership base and business model too.”

The Home Biz Heroes Membership Portal and Academy will launch officially on Monday 10th September and further information on how to obtain a Home Biz Heroes Membership can be found at

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