Recently launched in Kickstarter, Lumera is a new device that transforms DSLR cameras into the smartest

Montreal, Canada – Lumera Labs has added a built-in GPS option to Lumera at Kickstarter in their last update, Lumera is a new device that transforms cameras into the smartest.

Lumera is a new device for photography enthusiasts that connects to DSLR cameras, adding interesting functions to their cameras.  When people buy a camera, they usually buy a fixed set of features and if they want upgrades they have to buy a new camera. Lumera closes this gap introducing a device with upgradeable software that helps to keep cameras up to date and makes it smarter by connecting them with phones.  Lumera  adds Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a second contextual screen, navigation and one-click action buttons for sharing on-line, geotagging (optional built-in GPS), back-up on the go, a secondary  USB port for external drives storage and a bunch of software utilities for a dumb DSLR camera.

Lumera control DSLR Cameras from phone or tablet (Android and Apple). It uses the Internet connection of phones or tablets to upload  photos to cloud storage services or to social networks of preference. Once users have configured in Lumera mobile app their favorite site to upload photos, with just one-click on Lumera, they can forget about taking out  phone or tablet and just shoot, share or backup. 

Current list of supported internet services includes for social networks: Instagram, 500px, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and Pinterest. And for cloud storage: Google drive, Dropbox, Mega, Box, Amazon cloud and One drive. 

With the second USB port in Lumera, users can transfer photos and videos to physical storage devices like flash drives or external hard disks. This function also includes the option to  configure from mobile app, directories where to store files and which type. Users can chose any type of files to transfer eg. raw, jpg, mov, among other image and video extensions.

Users can also make use of an included custom thumb screw which comes with a hotshoe adapter to place the device on top or on the bottom of cameras, this way the camera body is completely integrated with the device, and user experience is not affected.  

Photographers will enjoy Lumera as a tool which expands any supported camera beyond their initial capabilities, for example by allowing combinations of bracketing, HDR, 3D imaging, timelapse and custom focus photography recipes, with remote wirelessly control and liveview in the phone or tablet.

Lumera team is building the Lumera DarkRoom, a place where users can share and find creative ways of using Lumera. The idea behind, is a market where users and developers can upload and download smart tricks and tunings for processing and sharing images. This initiative is twofold: On one hand lumera is inviting developers and hackers to build a new ecosystem on top of the DSLR cameras-phone synergy, with its software development kit for multiple platforms and languages (eg. Python, Arduino, Android, iOS, among others) and with the benefits of its open source nature, it enables unlimited tuning and improvement of the software. On the other hand, casual users will benefit from this because they can enjoy the software updates made by power users, hackers, developers and the Lumera team. 

Lumera is available through Kickstarter from USD $150. Pre-orders will continue throughout the Kickstarter campaign which ends on Tuesday, December 9. Visit the campaign at 


Lumera Labs is a team with extensive experience on embedded Linux, hardware development, mobile applications, cloud services, algorithm design and image processing.

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