Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars and Light Trucks Market Innovations, Trends, Technology And Applications Market Report to 2018-2023

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars and Light Trucks Market”
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The 2017 study has 826 pages, 290 tables and figures.  Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as Artificial Intelligence (AI) cars and light trucks permit users to implement automated driving.  Fleet vehicles from Uber, Google and similar users are likely to be the early adopter groups, creating vehicles that do package delivery and ride sharing.  Tesla, Mercedes, and Audi are among the vendors with a leadership position in the personal luxury vehicle artificial intelligence (AI) car markets.  These cars provide performance and cater to individual preference in feature function packages and styling.

Every car maker seeks to participate in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal vehicle market.  The ability to do so depends on implementing next generation technology that is very expensive to get working.  Vendors ae seeking to work together to set standards and develop shared modules that provide basic functionality.  Cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence software, and LiDAR are among the modules being developed.

Autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to institute major change in personal mobility.  Autonomous cars are the next generation of manual cars, poised to provide thrust for a large replacement market.  Autonomous vehicles are the base for building personal car services, particularly in large cities.  Carmakers and Silicon Valley companies bring different skills to the task of building a Artificial Intelligence (AI) car.  Together they are finding common ground to transform the personal vehicle industry.  One thing they are unlikely to transform is performance.

Every person who owns a vehicle has a preference on performance.   The Tesla has gained recognition for offering a Artificial Intelligence (AI) vehicle, but it is first and foremost a performance vehicle.  This characteristic will not change as Artificial Intelligence (AI) vehicles come on the market.  People like the customization of features and functions in their car.


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This customization aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) vehicles does not get talked about much, but it is a very important part of the industry.  It will not go away just because cars are run by software.   From auto racing to personal preference, ever car has its own personality and its own comfort.  Performance is part of the package.  Every car maker seeks to participate in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal vehicle market with a distinctive offering.  The ability to have unique appear to customers depends on implementing next generation technology in a manner that works effectively and is relatively inexpensive to implement.  

Apple, IBM, and Google are sure to be among the significant software vendors for all the Artificial Intelligence (AI) car and light truck market participants.  IBM has a huge head start with its excellent middleware branded integrated solutions that are hardened and reliable.  Google has mindshare and early market success with its early market trials.  

As automated process hits the auto industry as a disruptive force, it parallels the automated piloting of the airline industry that saw significant labor savings implementation.  Automated vehicle driving can be done anywhere just by connecting the car to integrated adaptive cruise control, adaptive steering and braking, and lane assist systems all working off one central processor.


Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

  • AMD
  • Apple
  • BMW
  • Bosch
  • Daimler AG / Mercedes-Benz
  • Ford
  • Fuji
  • GM
  • Google
  • Hyundai
  • IBM
  • Intel / Mobileye
  • Kairos
  • Nissan
  • NXP
  • Qualcomm
  • Samsung
  • Softbank
  • Tesla Group
  • Texas Instruments (TI)
  • Toyota
  • Uber
  • Volkswagen / Audi



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Table Of Contents – Major Key Points

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars and Trucks Market Definition and Market Dynamics 70
1.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cars 70
1.1.1 Airplanes Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Land Themselves 71
1.1.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Visionary Constructs Continue To Set The Pace For Cars and Personal Vehicles 74
1.1.2 Total Number Of Cars Owned And / Or In Existence 75
1.2 Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology 77
1.2.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adaptive Cruise Control 78
1.2.2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automatic Braking Technologies 81
1.2.3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automatic Brakes 82
1.2.4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driver-Assist Technologies 82
1.2.5 Ford TAP Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto Control System 83
1.2.6 Researchers at Facebook Have Created Bots Smart Enough
To Chatter In A New Language That Is Not Understandable To Humans 86
1.2.7 Elon Musk: Warns About AI in Cars 86
1.3 Urban Move to Mega Cities 87
1.4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car Enabling Technologies 88
1.4.1 Sensor Processing 88
1.4.2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Autonomy 89
1.4.3 Agricultural Robotic Use of Global Positioning 90
1.4.4 Military Spending 0n Artificial Intelligence (AI) 91
1.4.5 Autonomous Vehicle Software Integration Market 91
1.4.6 Advanced Autonomous Car Software 94
1.4.7 Autonomous Vehicle Software Areas That Need Improvement 95
1.4.8 Collision Detection Machine Vision 97
1.5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car and Truck Challenges 101
1.5.1 Electric Car Ownership Stimulates Customized Speeds and Performance in Autonomous Cars 105


3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars and Trucks Product Description 249
3.1 Nvidia 249
3.2 Tesla Model S 252
3.2.1 Tesla Dual Motor Model S 253
3.2.2 Tesla Motors Computer-Assisted Mode Car Involved in Fatal Crash while Driving Autonomously 259
3.2.3 Tesla Hardware Safety Features 260
3.2.4 Tesla artificial intelligence (AI) Software Safety Features 261
3.2.5 Tesla Artificial Intelligence (AI) Driverless Car Features 261
3.2.6 Tesla Autopilot 263
3.2.7 Tesla AI Autopilot Parking 264
3.2.8 Tesla Safety 265
3.3 Google Spins off Self Driving Car to Alphabet Waymo 266
3.3.1 Waymo AI Takes Over Driving 267
3.3.2 Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Talks with Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen Over Standards 268
3.3.3 Waymo / Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car 269
3.3.4 Waymo Ride Sharing 271
3.4 Uber 271
3.4.1 Uber Autonomous Trucks Developed by Otto 272
3.4.2 Uber / Carnegie Mellon Partnership 272
3.4.3 Uber Endorses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cars for Its Business 273
3.4.4 Uber Ride Sharing App 273
3.4.5 Uber Purchases AI Startup, Creates Machine Learning Lab 273
3.5 Apple 274
3.5.1 Apple Testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto-Pilot 275
3.5.2 Apple 275
3.5.3 Apple Internet of Things Smart Car Platform 278
3.5.4 Apple IoT 278
3.5.5 Apple Self-Driving Car Testing 280
3.6 Amazon 281
3.6.1 Amazon Research in Autonomous Technology 283
3.7 Toyota 285
3.7.1 Toyota Concept-i 287
3.7.2 Toyota Lexus Division Modified Lexus LS Sedan. 289
3.7.3 Japanese Lexus Car Aims At Zero Casualties 292
3.7.4 Toyota Lexus Adaptive Cruise Control 292
3.8 Volkswagon / Audi / Porsche 295
3.8.1 First Fully Autonomous Audi Comes in 2017 299
3.8.2 Audi Artificial Intelligence (AI) Car Travels 550 Miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas 300
3.8.3 Volkswagen 302
3.8.4 Porsche / Volkswagen 305
3.9 SAP Artificial Intelligence (AI) IoT Focus 308
3.9.1 Samsung, Seat, And SAP 309
3.9.2 SAP Vehicles Network 310
3.9.3 SAP IoT and Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Technology 311
3.10 Harman IoT Platform Supports Intelligent Navigation 312


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