Drop the Tourist Tag with Dapper Tour’s New York Treat in a Vintage Ural Sidecar

Dapper Tours is a new kid on the block when it comes to city tours. It is barely three months old, but this New York City tour service is creating a buzz on the travel scene. The reason is its unique idea of taking travelers and guests on a memorable tour on none other than the legendary Ural sidecar motorcycles. The experience – seeing New York like a New Yorker does every day!

Will Davis, the founder of Dapper Tours, calls them ‘smile cars’. The favorite of rugged adventurists, Ural bikes can be described as ‘happiness inducing machines’. No matter how the traveler’s day has been (disappointments abound, as all travelers know), zipping across New York on this bike makes them break out in laughter, an almost kid like glee. It reminds them of those carefree, childhood days too.

“I had an absolute blast with Dapper Tours. I thought I knew a lot about NYC, but still I got to learn something new. Riding around in this awesome motorcycle with a side car, catching all the looks on the streets, feeling the wind and the freedom, seeing the city the way I never did before. Will was an amazing guide and we had so much fun, laughing the entire trip. I highly recommend this experience to both visitors and residents of New York!” says Anastasiya from Russia, now living in NYC.

Dapper Tours makes every journey an exclusive and personalized experience. Visitors can foray into street art, meet and chat up local artists, or check into popular food shops and get a quick serving done. It’s all pre-arranged as Dapper Tours has done the homework and built relationships with local establishments for an authentic and non-touristy ride around NYC.

Will has every reason to cherish showing travelers around on the Ural. Born in Liberia, which was a war torn region back in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, his family miraculously escaped the civil war and managed to immigrate to New York when he was 10. Will grew up as a New Yorker, and traveled around the world, trying to experience each destination from a local’s perspective. Four years ago, the seed of starting a local touring company was planted in him while walking on the ‘Love Lane’ street of Brooklyn. That’s where he spotted a Ural sidecar and fell in love with this stylish beast.

Dapper Tours is born out of Will’s love for people from the world over. Showing them around like a local nourishes his own travel instincts, and he has nurtured it with great enthusiasm, creating bespoke, off-the-beaten-track NYC tours on a vintage Ural sidecar. The tours include rides for 1.5-2.5 hours, 4 hours and a full day of fun for one or two guests (per bike) offered in 5 packages: the basic Brass Tacks experience, the Prestige experience (daytime and nighttime), the quintessential NYC experience and the All in experience. With an expanded fleet, groups of up to six passengers can get an intimate ride with Bluetooth headset interactions provided.

The Dapper Sidecarist’s saves tourists from contending with a bus full of strangers, or getting off on locations not of their choice. This tour of NYC is just for the guests, and the Ural rider will be their friend for life. As Jeff Bezos believes, the guest’s experience at Dapper Tours is an obsession, and they will go out of their way to make every ride etch itself for years to come.

The International Ural Ride Day falls on September 8, and Dapper Tours invites everyone to come and wander boldly with them.

For bookings and more information, please contact: Bookings@dapper-tours.com or visit: www.dapper-tours.com

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