How Does the Cyber Capital Invest Platform Work?

Cyber Capital Invest is a unique investment fund platform that operates with an aim to provide a seamless network for people not well versed with regards to the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency today has gone mainstream, with individuals and corporations increasingly adopting this new mode of transaction. However, there are still many people who don’t completely understand the concept of cryptocurrency and its role in revolutionizing decentralization. The ones who have accurately envisaged the potential of this cryptocurrency have turned their small capitals into exponentially profitable returns.

Cyber Capital Invest is a unique investment fund platform that operates with an aim to provide a seamless network for people not well versed with regards to the cryptocurrency market. It also helps skilled traders who don’t have big asset portfolios to expand their horizons.

Cyber Capital Invest and Its Working

The functioning of this cryptocurrency platform is very simple. It’s like a mutual fund for cryptocurrencies. An individual first has to create an account on the platform, and depending on the deposit amount and investment period, they are provided with an access level. There are three access levels on the platform:

  • Basic Level: Lower withdrawal limits with no KYC or identity documentation requirement
  • Silver Level: No withdrawal limits along with verification using photo ID
  • Gold Level: No withdrawal limits with full verification

The access level that users select determines the insurance level they are entitled to. Once the users have chosen an investment plan, they have to deposit the determined capital into their respective accounts. That capital gets transferred into a central investment pot with a lock-in for a dedicated time frame. Expert traders then use that capital to trade as per their knowledge and proficiency, and at the end of the user’s investment period, the capital is unlocked for withdrawal. The profits from their investment get transferred to the respective wallets from where they can withdraw the deposited capital along with profit.

Essential Features of Cyber Capital Invest

This platform offers an easy and flexible way to trade in cryptocurrencies and earn a significant profit margin. The key highlight of this ecosystem that sets it apart from the rest are:-

  • Users can invest in small deposits and be a part of a collective investing group that incorporates the proficiency of expert traders to ensure stable rewards.
  • Allows trading across multiple established exchanges like Poloniex, Gdax, Kraken, Finance, etc.
  • Assured transparent trading process
  • Allows multi-currency deposits and withdrawals
  • No commission fee
  • Aims to develop anti-fraud measures
  • The platform automatically insures users of their capital and profits, which is secured by the Reserve Capital Scheme

CCI Tokens

The users of Cyber Capital Invest can buy and sells CCI tokens in exchange for money within the platform. Every token holder will have three balance levels on the account: CCI token balance, Bitcoin Balance, and Ethereum Balance. CCI tokens will be added to the most favoured cryptocurrency exchange markets, allowing holders to withdraw or exchange their tokens for other currencies. Users will only receive profit for the tokens that are kept on the CCI account.

While the adoption of cryptocurrency trading is gradually increasing, there is a majority of the population who still fails to understand its definitive prospects. Cyber Capital Invest is a platform that allows the latter demographic to invest and harness the benefits, i.e., substantial profits, from this volatile form of currency trading.

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