Tom Corbett Takes His Readers in an Unforgettable Ride on His Newly Released Memoir \’Confessions of a WAYWARD ACADEMIC\’

Author Tom Corbett takes his readers on another unforgettable journey through his newly released memoir ‘Confessions of a WAYWARD ACADEMIC.’ The new book details an engaging story of welfare reform and antipoverty policy making that spans the four decades during which our public safety net was totally reformed. In this memoir, the author draws from his personal experiences, both in the academia and the government, to tell a compelling story of this policy revolution through his eyes as a recognized policy expert.

Through ‘Confessions of a WAYWARD ACADEMIC,’ readers can learn about the author’s intimate understanding of the realities of creating public policy. The book tells of these realities, which are both raw and personal, in his unique perspective as an academic who has crossed over into the trenches of the policy world. It is a story fraught with intrigue, drama, humor, and insight.

Corbett also uses the book to celebrate his extraordinary journey through the mysterious world where policies are made and the fate of millions at least partially determined. According to the author, his professional flight was an adventure in the most real sense. It proved to be both challenging but also amazingly rewarding. Readers would surely love the book for various reasons. While instructive and insightful, it is never boring since Corbett tells his story with a self-deprecating and light touch.

His exceptional writing skills give life to the characters and events of this seminal period in the history of social policy, breathing wit, wisdom, and sensitivity into what took place. Just like his other memoirs, ‘Confessions of a WAYWARD ACADEMIC’ is both an amusing and discerning exploration of not only policymaking but life in general. Much like a novel, it’s an easy and great read while it exposes the readers to a world they seldom see up close and personal.  

This book is indeed a compelling read for anyone seeking to understand how we have struggled to assist America’s needy.  Being a personal account, Corbett gives the book a kind of realism that will imprint to the minds of its readers.

Robert Moffitt Ph.D., Professor of Economics in Johns Hopkins University stated, “A wonderful first-person account at the ground level of welfare reform in recent times. It was a momentous time for the reform of the nation’s welfare system, and Corbett was in the thick of it. He relates what happened with a wry, self-deprecating sense of humor, but there are serious lessons to be learned…”

Karen Bogenschneider, Professor of Human Ecology of U. of Wisconsin said, “Corbett’s reflections, woven together with great insight and humor, transform public policy from a class that is boring and mundane to a career that can be engaging and germane. These stories from the political front lines can inspire even the most reluctant students to make the policy a cause of their own.”

A highly reviewed memoir, the book’s early readers have universal praise for Tom Corbett’s newest book. Thomas “Tom” Corbett, Ph.D. is a retired academic from the University of Wisconsin and now writes books. He is the author of several works on policy-making and is an Emeritus Senior Scientist at the Institute for Research on Poverty, located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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