Dentist South Amboy, Old Bridge Township NJ, Warns of Teeth Whitening Methods

“Dr. Mariana Blagoev with a patient at Bright Smiles Dental in Parlin, NJ.”
Dr. Mariana Blagoev’s reputation in Parlin, NJ, and the surrounding areas has been a critical one alongside the work she does at her dental practice, Bright Smiles Dental. She has strong opinions about teeth whitening scams and makes sure she educates the public on this subject.

Renowned Dr. Mariana Blagoev from Parlin, Old Bridge Township, NJ, owner of Bright Smiles Dental, who has worked with people around the area, is a huge proponent of using certified dentists for teeth whitening procedures.

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The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports from 2017 indicated that the total annual teeth whitening industry revenue is $11 billion. Additionally, 88.8% of dentists had patients requesting tooth whitening, while only 24.8% of those who went for tooth whitening had the procedure recommended by their dentist. This shows that many Americans take up tooth whitening without prescription. However, a 29% increase in professional teeth whitening treatments at the dental office shows that people are gaining knowledge about the dangers of whitening their teeth outside professional environments.

Dr. Blagoev is certified and renowned in Parlin, having operated in the dental field for more than 30 years. “You would be surprised by how many people buy whitening products that do not work at all,” says the dentist, who continues to encourage people to use the right avenues for teeth whitening, that is – certified dentists only.

The rise of DIY teeth whitening is of particular interest to Dr. Blagoev. Many of these recipes call for baking soda, lemon, whitening toothpaste brands, activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately the wrong proportions of these ingredients could result in disastrous effects, such as destruction of the enamel portion of the teeth, leaking of mercury and silver, erosion of dental cements and damage to fillings.

According to Dr. Blagoev, any dental issue, whether teeth whitening or otherwise, should only be handled by qualified professionals. Prescription is important because it determines eligibility for teeth whitening as well as viability. Some people get their teeth whitened when it could affect their teeth, while others do not even need it. Only a qualified professional can advise you on whether you need the procedure or not, because they are operating from a holistic stand point.

“As tempting as a home kit might be, proceed with caution. Cheap can add up to being expensive and is not always the better option. Getting a full dental examination qualifies you for the procedure and makes sure your overall dental health has been taken into consideration,” warns Dr. Blagoev.

“Professional, knowledgeable, concerned friendly staff set your mind at ease,” says Danny K., one of Dr. Blagoev’s patients. “All procedures are explained to make each visit a comfortable experience.”

In addition to the fact that Dr. Blagoev is an accomplished dentist, who has specialized in general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, as well as cosmetic dentistry, she is passionate about serving her community. Dr. Blagoev’s charitable works have seen her featured on National News stations, such as ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS.

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