Pony Express HQ Just Launched Smart Encoding! Send More Text Messages, Spend Fewer Credits.

Smart businesses & organizations know that SMS texting is crucial in their marketing effort. Pony Express HQ is the ideal partner for a company’s text marketing needs.


San Francisco, CA – August 29, 2018 – SMS text marketing is the most affordable way to promote today’s businesses. Pony Express HQ is dedicated to working with small businesses, including non-profits, church groups, education organizations and other small companies because they understand the need to maximize one’s budget.

That’s why Pony Express HQ is so proud to announce its newest feature today: Smart Encoding.

Pony Express HQ always consider their customers’ budget. Using a certain number of characters in a text message corresponds to a “credit”. Considering that our customers send thousands of SMS a day through Pony Express HQ, careful use of “credits” gains importance. In this regard, our technical team has implemented “Smart Encoding” that enables customers to send the same amount of messages, using fewer credits.

A typical Pony Express HQ client will send thousands of SMS text messages per day, making it essential to track credit usage. With Pony Express HQ’s “Smart Encoding” system, customers are now able to send the same number of messages using fewer credits.

How does it work?

With Smart Encoding, Pony Express HQ’s newest feature automatically replaces UCS-2 characters from a prepared text with the fallback GSM-7 characters.

This is because when a message contains even a single Unicode character, it gets segmented at 70 characters instead of the normal 160 characters. Often these characters: a long dash ( — ), a smart quote ( 〞) or a Unicode whitespace slip-in are hard to identify because of the messages being split up.

This helps the customer spends fewer credits. Pony Express HQ’ development team has implemented the Smart Encoding feature to help automate this process for their valued clients.

Pony Express HQ is excited to offer this new tool to help who uses SMS text marketing to save more money.

For more information be sure to visit: www.getponyexpress.com.

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Pony Express HQ is an online platform that helps businesses and organizations connect with large groups of customers and members over SMS text message and mobile messaging.

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