New Wolflink Smart WiFi Router Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Improve Home Network Coverage and Security

Hongkong, China – On November 9th, Wolflink launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new Smart WiFi Router, the “Wolflink,” which extends WiFi coverage in the home and ensures network security. The product is the first release for the Wolflink brand. 

“Wolflink is designed to extend coverage and enhance your wireless network, helping you keep your mobile and computer connected to Wi-Fi in a reliable manner,” says Binsen Tang, the Founder of Wolflink. “Wolflink prides itself on being made with highest quality materials, boasting a top spec aluminum alloy case that sets it apart from other routers on the market.”

The Wolflink router is a 300Mbps high performance router with a maximum 200 meters Wi-Fi radius, ensuring 3 times the speed of traditional routers and an increased signal intensity of 30%. It comes with a built-in network security defense system, parental controls, and an intelligent bandwidth allocation algorithm, which can be used to monitor and allocate the bandwidth usage of each device connected to the router. 

Unlike traditional WiFi routers, which come with complex instruction manuals and outdated admin interfaces, the Wolflink can be easily controlled from any smartphone device. By downloading the app, users can alter the bandwidth usage of home devices, manage parental controls, or control multiple routers throughout the home.  

Having developed the initial prototype for the Wolflink router, the team has now decided to turn to Indiegogo to help improve the cloud platform, fix bugs, and finance product extensions. The team also seeks to connect with the early-adopter technology community surrounding the Indiegogo platform. 

“We are extremely keen to introduce Wolflink to Indiegogo; a platform that will answer to our goals thanks to its renowned program and accessible tools. Having a tech-driven culture and an outstanding product, we believe that early adopters and trendsetters are those who will help get Wolflink up and running.” Says Binsen Tang, the Founder of Wolflink.

The project will be live on Indiegogo until December 9th, during which time backers can gain access to exclusive rewards in exchange for pledging to the project. These include a Wolflink that is $40 off the full retail price, an enterprise bundle which includes multiple Wolflinks for businesses, and more. For more information, check out the Indiegogo campaign here or contact the creators below. 

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