More Efforts and Time for A Better Tomorrow

China is hitting hard on cryptocurrency. The China Government has been widening the ban, calling to stop all the nation cryptocurrency exchange operations and digital financing activities.

Strengthening the control, the blockchain is moving towards more systematic tomorrow

A financial officer in an eastern city in Beijing City has earlier issued a notice to the shops, hotels and offices, prohibiting them from organizing any seminar and activity related to cryptocurrency. In the notice, it requested the public to report to the local authority immediately should they find out such activity, and it also stated that the related department was representing a work team of the China Central Bank to act on its behalf, with the objective to eliminate cryptocurrency trading activities. And on 23rd and 24th of August, two major payment gateway giants, Tencent and Alipay successively responded to supervisory department to tightening up the digital payment gateway.

Tencent has indicated that they will limit the payment collection functions of suspicious accounts, preventing them to use WeChat Pay to collect digital payment; limit the payment collection amount of individual seller accounts, to fulfill only daily social transactions, limit the trading collection related to digital payment. They have currently since completed the digital payment housekeeping to all their users’ commercial accounts, implemented real time control on daily trading activities, then evaluating the risk levels of the supervision result on the chosen transactions, or executing direct interception measurement.

Whilst Alipay has indicated that they were paying high attention to potential risks of digital payment of their Ant Financial Services Group and Alipay, insisting not to provide payment services to cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, furthermore, continuously taking harsh actions in preventing cryptocurrency trading through personal account fund transfer. All this while Alipay has been dismissing its traders who had been involving in cryptocurrency trading; limiting payment collection functions temporary or permanently on personal accounts that have been involving in cryptocurrency trading, case-by-case. Alipay and Ant Financial Services Group will continuously monitor closely to detect external cryptocurrency trading and implement checking on major websites and account holders, thus taking action on whistle-blowing immediately.

The notice even warned the public that such activities were using “financial innovation” as their gimmick, but in fact, it was a “new but old” huge scam, the money transferring which hardly to be maintained and asking the public to look at the Blockchain rationally, if they find out any illegal criminal information, they should immediately report it to the authority.

How should we look at blockchain “future”?

Actually the features of blockchain and cryptocurrency are undoubtedly worth a reference and application on commercial field and living. However the benefits of borderless and decentralization have been conflicting with the policies and regulations. Due to such situation, governments and corporations of every country are doing researches and finding the greatest solution, in order to prevent the interest of the public from losing because of those illegal financing activities.

According to the senior blockchain participant organization spokesperson, Smith said that, since 2009, the blockchain technology has indeed been creating uncountable technology breakthroughs and new business models, but in the point of view of the public, only the real and authentic cryptocurrency gains the profits. Therefore, the discussions from various factors really need more angles, time and patience to validate a new authentic cryptocurrency, like BitCoin, LiteCoin and etc.

Enhance the circulation, work hard to create a healthy ecosphere

NBLC has an innovative POSS technology, which currently under the development stage, estimating to have over ten thousand fans all over the Europe and Asia.

NBLC has recently organized a “developing areas voting campaign”, letting its users and players to participate in NBLC circulation and the developing areas more willingly. As we all know, since the born of cryptocurrency like BitCoin, countless surprises and miracles were created, the total market value globally has even once breakthrough the 60 billion dollar post. Too bad, it is now facing the bottleneck of the circulation and usability.

By representing an emerging technology, NBLC will use the most traditional and direct way by using the blockchain technology to enter into our life.

The voting has started from 23/8/2018 and ends on 30/9/2018, we welcome all community users and players to provide even more trader proposals or development field, so that more users and players are able to choose the utmost developing field for NBLC.

The objective of the campaign:

1. Promote the development of NBLC, developing attracts circulation, circulation makes value, value creates pricing.

2. As the decentralization representative, NBLC hope that the future development will be participated and decided by the vast majority of the users, to ensure a better development.

3. Blockchain as the field full with great potential needs more supports and development, so its technology will continuously be updated and protected, NBLC will continuously do researches to let in entering into our life and keep improving its current technology. 

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