Back to The Three Gorges. In search of old friends come and visit again for free!

Chongqing, one of the four municipalities in China.

The Yangtze Three Gorges,a thousand-li picture scroll with magnificent and precipitous sceneries.Once you know Chongqing, you will fall in love with it. You will enjoy it’s gorgeous and colorful urban atmosphere, the spicy hot pot as the locals,and the Yangtze Three Gorges, with steep peaks and deep canyons on both sides of the Yangtze river.If you are looking forward to visiting the magic Chongqing and its magnificent Three Gorges, come and join us!

Now, Chongqing Tourism Development Committee and Ctrip are inviting and organizing 200 tourists who have been to the Yangtze Three Gorges before 1997 to revisit the Three Gorges for free! Do you still remember the beauty and great experiences of the Three Gorges? You might can’t forget the views at the riverside when the trackers against the rapids but go on singing! Don’t you want to revisit the old haunt? To act as an old friend, you can see the new sceneries of the Three Gorges and dramatic Chongqing. You can also have the chance to take the newest five star cruise to be surrounded by the beautiful sceneries of the Three Gorges.

How exciting it is to re-see the magnificent mountains and rivers 20 years later! 

The rules of registration:

1. Activity conditions

(1) The American, Canadian and Japanese

(2) Tourists who have been to the Three Gorges before 1997.

Relevant Materials to be required: Valid passport, original photos or video recordings of the Three Gorges as the proofs

Visit time: Nov. 6th ~ Nov. 19th, 2018

  1. Activity fees:

The organize unit is responsible for all the fee aroused from your tour including the food and accommodation, events participation and insurance expenses during the activity, but does not include the round-trip transport expenses.

Registration period:Until Oct. 15th 

  1. Method for registration:

Before deadline of registration, please send your nationality, name, passport No., gender, contact number/information and original photos or video recordings of the Three Gorges as the proofs to the mail address: You will receive the mail of “Successfully Registered” if all the information you provided are approved by the organize unit.

6 Day, 5 Night Tour of the Three Gorges

Highlight 1: Live in a hot spring hotel

When you arrive at Chongqing on Nov. 6th, a special bus will take you to the Chongqing Tongjing Liangjiang Holiday Hotel! 

The hotel has extremely comfortable environment where are all surrounded by mountains and rivers. If you feel tired, there are 8 outdoor hot spring pools in the hotel that can totally relax yourself.

Highlight 2: Taste the Hot pot, enjoy the city views.

Taste the most traditional Chinese food on November 7th : Chongqing Hotpot! After that, you will visit the Liangjiang Movie City , China Three Gorges Museum and watch the 3D sceneries of magic city. Come to the Chongqing city with the blend of history and modernity and explore the unknown world!

Highlight 3: take a cruise tour to the Three Gorges

You can take a luxury five star cruise till Nov. 7th afternoon. The leisurely journey will start from the Chaotianmen wharf. You can live in a five star hotel and enjoy the food and amusement during the whole trip. Besides, there will be a welcome ceremony and captain’s dinner specially prepared for you! 

1st stop of the cruise tour: Fuling District, Chongqing

If you are a history and archaeology amateur, you must feel excited about visiting the White Crane Ridge Underwater Museum, which is the first ancient water hydrological station in the world. After taking the elevator to the underwater corridor, you can appreciate history relics through windows and touch the thick historical atmosphere with sound and light effect.   

2nd stop of the cruise tour: Wanzhou District, Chongqing

There are beautiful sceneries everywhere in this ethereal waters.  You can attend the show《the World River Song Party》and appreciate he famous river songs performed by the world famous artists. We’re sure that the beautiful songs will touch your heart!

3rd stop of the cruise tour: Fengjie County, Chongqing

The Baidi city, a historic city where the Chinese poets especially like. It is so beautiful and full of connotations that many poets have praised and worshiped for it. It is to be observed that you can also enjoy the real large-scale landscape show《Back to the Three Gorges》directed by Mr Zhang Yimou.

4th stop of the cruise tour: Wushan County, Chongqing

When you get into the original valley — “Goddess creek”, you will find the water is so limpid and the mountains are so towering as if you are getting into a beautiful landscape painting. Besides, you really have the good fortune to come here in Nov. when you can see the fascinating scenes that all the mountains are full of maple leaves!

5th stop of the cruise tour: visit the Three Gorges Dam

At the end of the journey, we will visit the largest hydroelectric power station — the Three Gorges Dam. Once you climb into the observation place, you will see the magnificent dam scenery so close! If you stand on the Three Gorges Dam, you will catch the landscape of the dam when it floods, which is regarded as an experience that you can’t miss in your life!

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