De Dietrich Commercial Boilers Owned by BDR Leads Sales in Beijing

Along with the vigorous promotion of Beijing coal gas transformation and base nitrogen transformation, the commercial large boiler market grows rapidly. The French brand De Dietrich from BDR Thermea Group, relying on its strong advantages in products, services and scientific & accurate market operation, has surpassed the main competitors and led the sales in Beijing.

Since 2017, the “2+26″city coal gas transformation of north China’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surrounding areas has officially been put on the ground, bringing unprecedented explosive growth to the heating and ventilation industry. At the same time, in the Capital, Beijing area, with strict 30mg/m3 nox emissions restrictions initiated, low nitrogen transformation of commercial boiler become prevalent, under this background, the European brand with energy conservation and emissions reduction technology grows faster.

According to the sales data of BDR Chinese market, French brand De Dietrich, one of its four leading brands, has sold more than 350 commercial large boilers in Beijing in the past two years, the exciting sales number not only exceeds its own past records, but also surpassed its main competitors to become the number one commercial large boiler brand in Beijing.

In 1996, De Dietrich officially entered into China market. In the field of commercial large boilers, with its leading advantages of environmental protection, efficiency and energy conservation, it has become the first choice for various units and engineering projects in many cities in China. In the past two years, under the environmental trend of “replacing coal with gas” and replacing low nitrogen, De Dietrich commercial large boilers seized the opportunity, catered to the market, gave play to their advantages and demonstrated their public praise.

Of course, the most important achievement is able to lead market in Beijing, which has the most strict environment protection regulation and product quality requirement, digging out the reason behind, not only benefit from the general environment of policy dividend, but also based on its solid brand foundation, excellent product quality, and accurate market operation.

De Dietrich executed many successful cases of low nitrogen transformation in the Beijing area, such as the Guan Dian Mansion at the Asian Sports Village in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, has China’s first condensing boiler room here, here, you can see the De Dietrich’s “three generations” product together, from the early De Dietrich cast iron boiler, 2008 upgrade for condensing floor furnace De Dietrich C610-1000, because of the demand of low nitrogen transformation, in 2016, further added two De Dietrich C630-1300 condensing floor furnace, fully meet the demand of the two building of Guan Dian Mansion.

In response to low nitrogen emissions policy, the military hotel which is located in Haidian district of Beijing, also choose the De Dietrich to upgrade its old boiler room, according to the heating season on-the-spot monitoring report, it shows that the Nitrogen oxides emission figure, from the new series of De Dietrich C630 condensing floor furnace of military hotel, is only 21 mg/m3, which is not only far less than the most strict restrictions of Beijing city but also superior to standard to realize low nitrogen emissions of heating.

BDR China always put “green heating, global synchronization” as the strategy vision, set “environmental protection” as a core competitiveness, and lead “coal to gas” and “low nitrogen transformation” market as the high potential sales area. The sales result proves that is s the wise decision to position De Dietrich brand as the key player in commercial boilers market in China.

Meanwhile, BDR also planned and implemented various forms of brand marketing. For instance, the public welfare walking and tree donation & afforestation activities jointly held with other three major brands, have made the green and environmental-friendly features of De Dietrich deeply rooted into consumer’s mind. In addition, the communication activities through technology promotion and case sharing, with Beijing and other local design institutes and architectural institutes, further strengthens its trustworthy industry expert image.

Based on all efforts stated above, De Dietrich has not only led in sales in Beijing, but also achieved excellent performance in other cities. Its service units covers different projects from state organs, large office buildings, luxury shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and municipal heating.

In the future, BDR China will continue to make efforts to maintain its leading edge and enable De Dietrich brand to achieve sustainable growth in China.

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