Leaving a Remarkable Legacy! Susie Briscoe’s New Bestseller Shares How to Create the Perfect Legacy!

Dallas, TX, USA – One’s legacy is important because it defines the impact of a person, long after they have left the world. By creating a solid legacy, a person can do something good for their future generations and also for humanity. International #1 Best-Selling Author, Susie Briscoe’s latest new bestseller, Colour Your Legacy: Paint the Canvas of Your Perfect Life is an in-depth guide on how one can start the work early and be proactive about creating a legacy. She shares the importance of legacy and how it affects future generations. She goes into great detail about how simple changes in one’s current life can help them kick-start their own legacy.

Colour Your Legacy: Paint the Canvas of Your Perfect Life is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide. Not only does the book help readers plan their legacy, it also tackles issues such as self-esteem, health, healing and unlocking accomplishment for an improved quality of life. According to several readers, the advice in the book helped them overcome limiting beliefs to make every day more productive. The title Colour Your Legacy alludes to Briscoe’s method of adding colour to every aspect of one’s life. She describes the perfect legacy as a ‘rainbow legacy’, one that is filled with all the accomplishments, joy, values and beliefs of one’s life.

With more than four decades of professional experience, Susie Briscoe is the founder of her coaching company, Acer Coaching Associates. Apart from co-authoring various #1 bestseller books, Briscoe has commendable career achievements. Over the years, she has held leadership positions with many organizations. She is the International Business Lifestyle and Master Leadership Coach with Legacy Strategist, along with being the International freelance Master Coach with Nightingale-Conant Corporation and Brian Tracy International. Working proactively every day, Briscoe leaves no doubt that she is truly passionate about helping people become exceptional leaders.

Briscoe’s past literary works include these #1 International Bestseller inspirational books: Are YOU the Missing Piece? Journal, Ready, Aim, Thrive, Your Creative Thoughts Journal, IAPLC’s Coaching for Female Entrepreneur and Life Sparks. In addition to her corporate coaching and mentoring career, she has worked proactively with charity organizations throughout the years. Along with being a retired trustee of The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, a current Patron of the Church Housing Trust and Ambassador to Action Medical Research, she is also the founder of her own small charitable organization, Acer Foundation for Global Education and Welfare.

Susie Briscoe is available for interviews.

Colour Your Legacy: Paint the Canvas of Your Perfect Life is available on Amazon.com

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