New State Decenturion All Set To Revolutionize The Human Society

Decenturion is the all new state that has been recently formed. This state is going to leverage the most complex of technologies and at the same time, it is modeled to have a progressive society.

Decenturion is the all new state which is creating quite a stir already. The state has been developed using the best of modern technologies and it boasts of an effective and strong economy along with having a progressive society. The underlying aim is to have a fair state which works on a transparent system and one which would offer equal rights to one and all.

Founded on June 4th, 2018, the state already has more than 250,000 people who have registered as citizens as of August 2018 and the number is likely to grow massively in the times to come. The state has managed to be ranked number one in the world as far as density of millionaires per capital is concerned. It has also topped the charts on the basis of the level of education and IT literacy too.

One of the key spokesmen was quoted as saying, “We are really excited about how the whole concept is shaping up. More and more people have expressed their desire to register themselves as citizens. Given the transparent model that we have, everyone can understand as to how being a citizen is definitely going to be rewarding for them.”

Citizens would be able to participate in the state economy by selling their tokens in the external market. There is no tax rate and the state has a limited quota of permitting 30,000,000 citizens in all. While the citizens would be the physical residents, the start-ups would be the legal residents of the state.

The startups would distribute 50% of their own tokens among the citizens and this will be done free of cost. The tax rate is going to be 25% of the gross profit and there is no tax rate as such.

Currently, the cost of citizenship is $1500, however, it is going to soar high very soon. The citizenship is issued with a quota of 100,000 passports. Once the quote expires, the cost of citizenship will increase by $500 for the next quota.

There is no doubt they this state model has attracted the attention of too many people and this is why Decenturion has managed to rope in a lot of citizens already. Those who would like to know more about the whole model and even check out related details should make it a point to visit and find out more information themselves.

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