Leopold Ketel Branding Agency Featured In Portland Business Journal

Portland, OR – Leopold Ketel, a forward-thinking branding agency who specialize in digital marketing are delighted to announce that they have recently been asked to comment and contribute on an article in the Portland Business Journal.

The article was an in-depth feature about how technology has shattered and reshaped the marketing industry of Portland, and as a key player in the industry, the newspaper approached Leopold Ketel to seek their opinion on the matter. The full article can be read here, and for anyone in the marketing industry, it makes for interesting reading.

You only need to read the news and visit any shopping mall to see the changes afoot, which can be directly attributed to digital technology. Huge stores that only a few years ago dominated their industry, such as Toys R Us are no longer in existence, nearly every mall has empty shops, and this invasive change has been replicated in the advertising industry as well.

Many marketing agencies either did not anticipate the changes that the internet would bring, or were slow to react, and the consequences have been severe. On the other hand, leading agencies such as Leopold Ketel anticipated the changes and strategically placed themselves in front of the marketing wave in order to take full advantage of the impending changes. In the article Jerry Ketel creative director of Leopold Ketel said: “I am alarmed by the lack of accountability in digital media.” He then makes a plea for more third-party oversight.

“Digital media should provide clients with a plethora of statistics and other critical information, upon which to base their future marketing decisions,” said Leopold Ketel. “However, whether there is a lack of understanding, or a willingness to turn a blind eye to certain facts and figures, poor business decisions continue to be made in the digital marketing industry. At Leopold Ketel, we are determined to ensure that our clients are aware of the full facts of any marketing promotion, in order to help them make informed decisions about the way forward.”

Leopold Ketel is a creative boutique based in Portland Oregon. Anyone wishing to visit their office can find directions at https://www.google.com/maps?cid=2481935488071458848. They are a small team that produces big ideas. They are lead by Creative Director Jerry Ketel and Managing Director Terra Spencer. Together with Jamie Leopold, Jerry and Terra opened the doors of Leopold Ketel on July 1st, 1996. Since that time Leopold Ketel has distinguished itself as a strong marketing partner able to produce exceptional results. They are a full-service agency, or as they like to call themselves a modern branding agency that crafts ideas and messages to transcend any one medium, be it video, social media, design, and advertising.

For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at https://www.leoketel.com/

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