World Famous Golden Nugget Bar Tucson AZ Installs Air Conditioning To Improve The Customer Experience

Tucson, AZ – The World Famous Golden Nugget Bar is today delighted to announce that they have just installed a new state of the art air conditioning system, throughout the premises, in order to ensure that the customer experience is second to none.

The venue is one of the most popular in Arizona, with people driving for miles to participate in their Karaoke nights, and challenge other patrons of the bar to a pool game or two. The only complaints regulars and visitors alike had about the WFGN Bar, was the fact that on certain nights, the heat almost became unbearable, and as a consequence, some people were leaving the venue early or deciding to visit another venue where the temperature was not as oppressive.

The owners of the World Famous Golden Nugget conducted their due diligence and identified the fact that a lack of air conditioning was negatively impacting upon the business. As with everything in the Golden Nugget, only the best equipment was used, and as a consequence, the venue is experiencing some of the best nights of business they have had for many years.

“Installing air conditioning in a venue as large as the Golden Nugget required a major investment, and as with all business decisions, the management of the venue had to decide if such a huge investment would pay dividends,” said Tim Donaldson of the Golden Nugget. “Although the air conditioning has only been installed for a few days, our customers love it, and subsequently are staying and enjoying themselves for much longer. Our only regret is that we did not invest in air conditioning sooner.”

The World Famous Golden Nugget Bar is a locally owned and operated bar in Tucson Arizona. The bar has a long history in Tucson, indeed once half of the owners Tim started working in the business as a bartender back in the 1970’s. The venue has established a reputation as a fun and friendly bar, that specializes in Karaoke evenings and a competitive atmosphere when it comes to pool.

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