Interested Customers Now Get up to Three Free Quotes for Boilers from BoilerQuoteCompare

BoilerQuoteCompare understands the importance of finding the proper boiler, especially in regard to savings and efficiency. That’s why it promises to provide customers with up to three boiler quotes provided by boiler companies, helping customers decide which boiler system and package they need for their property.

UNITED KINGDOM – According to BoilerQuoteCompare, getting an old boiler replaced with a new one is a lucrative investment. With a new boiler, property owners can benefit from energy efficiency – in fact, BoilerQuoteCompare confirms that when customers upgrade from a boiler working at 70% efficiency to a new one operating at 100% efficiency, they could save as much as £300 annually. BoilerQuoteCompare also adds that new boilers are a lot more reliable than old ones, and, thanks to more advanced technology, they can run efficiently for as long as 15 to 20 years.

It makes complete sense to replace an old and inefficient boiler with a new one, which is also where BoilerQuoteCompare can provide an excellent service. Through BoilerQuoteCompare, customers can conveniently request quotes for boilers from companies in their area or community. When customers ask for boiler quotes, BoilerQuoteCompare will give them up to three quotes, and these quotes come only from respected and trustworthy companies which are all registered with Gas Safe. 

The service BoilerQuoteCompare provides is free, and customers have no obligation to opt for a company just because they receive a quote. All the boiler installers are legally allowed to install boiler systems, so customers have the additional assurance that the boiler quote they receive is only from a trusted provider. BoilerQuoteCompare additionally states, “If you employ or take on the services of a heating engineer who isn’t Gas Safe registered, not only is it illegal but it is also potentially dangerous. We ensure any quote which we source on your behalf will be from Gas Safe Registered engineers only.”

Along with free boiler quotes, customers can also check out a detailed listing of boiler companies on the BoilerQuoteCompare website. The information for boiler companies available at BoilerQuoteCompare includes the companies’ telephone numbers and addresses as well as details on their services, such as the areas where they operate, their specialisations (e.g. Plumbing, bathroom services, heating, etc.), as well as their payment options and warranties.


BoilerQuoteCompare has helped numerous customers get the right boiler for their needs with its free boiler quote service, where customers can receive up to 3 quotes from boiler companies in their area. Anyone wishing to obtain and compare free boiler quotes provided by the most reputable and reliable boiler companies, go to BoilerQuoteCompare.

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