LUCRE automated trading system encourages crypto traders to Not HODL their cryptocurrency

LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system for cryptocurrencies which is developed to outperform the strategy of just holding the cryptocurrencies. The term HODL (Hold On to your Dear Life) is recently popularized in the cryptocurrency world, which basically means to hold the cryptocurrency and not invest it. LUCRE, on the other hand, is created by a team of crypto enthusiast with over 8 years of experience in algorithmic trading who developed the LUCRE algorithm with a philosophy – ‘Don’t HODL; Trade!’, allowing trading both ways long and short.

LUCRE is a project with the ability to generate revenues in all kinds of market conditions through buying and selling with every good opportunity. Even in a current scenario of not so profitable crypto market, Lucre attempts to make a profit by making short-term trades through its Lucre trading Algo that runs on a Metatrader trading platform. The interested investors can purchase the LCR token through the upcoming Token Sale that will track the performance of the Algorithm. The price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of the underlying Crypto assets being traded by the Algo. A participant can trade on the exchanges which will list the LCR token.

LUCRE will allow the users to receive buy/sell/close alerts of high quality and exclusive traders with +75% of accuracy. The user can take advantage of the fully automated Lucre system which is compatible with all crypto exchanges and Forex CFD brokers. All the LCR tokens deposited in the pool will be managed by LUCRE algorithm and trading team. Every participant who has contributed more than 1 ETH during the token sale will receive a signal, every time the LUCRE Algo executes a trade.

Using the 100% hands-free auto trading system by LUCRE, the user can save the hassle and stress of doing manual trading. Also, the token sale participants can earn recurring profits by simply holding the LCR tokens without adding any extra funds. The token pre-sale will be held from October 15th for the next 30 days and the main sale will begin from November 14th for the next 4 weeks. A total of 12.5 Million LCR tokens will be produced out of which 10 Million will be available for sale through the Token Sale.

The investors can get up to 30% off by investing in the pre-sale while the discount in the four phases of the main sale will be 20%, 15%, 10% and 0% respectively.

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