Driving Precautions to take in Michigan during the Fall

Every season that sets comes with its set of dangers and autumn is no different. Moreover, with fall almost here with us, drivers have to brace themselves for new hazards. In this season that is synonymous with the shedding of leaves by trees and children getting back to school, drivers have to be ready for new dangers to avoid auto accidents.

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Causes of accidents in the fall

There are three leading causes of auto accidents during fall: TrafficWildlife, and Weather. Let us take a more in-depth look at them:

New traffic patterns

With the onset of autumn, drivers have to deal with the new traffic patterns that spring up with children going back to school. In summer, there is a general drop in the number of school buses along the roads. Additionally, since most people go on holidays, there is less traffic along the streets of Michigan. When the curtains fall on summer, there is an increase in the number of vehicles and this leads to an increase in the number of auto accidents in Michigan, especially accidents involving school buses and pedestrians.

Weather Patterns

Autumn is characterized by trees shedding leaves, rain patterns changing and a drop in temperatures, which gives rise to fog and frost. The falling of leaves may provide a wonderful site, but on the roads, it is a hazard. Fallen leaves are associated with making rides slick. They can also fill potholes or cover up road markings. All, which pose a danger to drivers. Additionally, a combination of leaves and rain also contributes to the roads being slick as ice.

Frost and Fog

Since autumn experiences cooler temperatures in the early morning and evenings, this leads to frost and fog. Fog is known for messing with the visibility of drivers, and they are also not able to gauge distances accurately- all who are reasons that can lead to accidents occurring. Frost, on the other hand, causes icy spots to develop on the road, especially on overpasses and bridges.

Sun glare

Sun glare is a less common hazard that can lead to auto accidents. Sun glare can reduce a driver’s vision, making it difficult for them to see other cars and pedestrians. Sun glares are the worst when the sun is setting behind while the driver is driving. In this case, the rays often impair the driver’s view of the rearview mirror, or the rays may reflect off the traffic lights. All these instances may affect the driver’s judgment, which may lead to a crash.

Deer mating

Fall is the season that deer mate. This spells more deer with roads not being spared. In addition, when deer appear on streets, especially at night, they spike the chances of a driver hitting them, or swerving from the road to avoid hitting them.

5 Michigan Driving tips in the fall

  1. Be on the look for kids: In the first days of the school year, children are not too keen on checking for moving vehicles before crossing the road after they leave the school bus. Furthermore, the older kids who have the privilege of driving to and from school are also a danger along the roads. As such, as a driver, you have to be conscious of these two groups before motoring along the streets of Michigan.

  2. Be wary of the darkness: Darkness sets in early in the fall. In addition, even if only 25% of driving is under dusk, the National Safety Council notes that 50% of traffic fatalities occur then. Additionally, older drivers have a harder time seeing at night, especially road signs and gauging distance and speed.

  3. Be conscious of wildlife: In autumn, your likelihood to hit animal spikes by 3.5 times, especially with deer mating in November. According to PETA, the animal-rights group, one in every 100 drivers will hit one (deer) in their lifetime as they drive.

  4. Be wary of dampness: Rain is considered a great contributor to car crashes, and this is no different in autumn. It is most dangerous when it is the first after a dry spell. This is because it couples with dust, grime, and oil and makes the roads and pavements slick. It also mixes with fallen leaves to make the surfaces slippery. Slowing your speed will help avoid veering off the road. You can also drive along the tracks of the other cars, as the road is usually the driest at these points.

  5. Tend to your tires: Your tires contribute significantly to a safe ride in the fall. One, with sufficient tread, you will be safer on wet surfaces, mainly since you’ll be able to stop faster and offer better steering. With adequate tire pressure, you’ll be ready to roll safely and smoothly.

In conclusion, auto accidents in the fall need not happen and with these tips in mind, you stand a higher chance at averting such crashes. If you or a loved one have been in an auto accident in Michigan and you are looking for a Michigan auto accident lawyer to help you get through the murky waters of filing insurance claims and fighting for your rights, a Michigan car accident lawyer at Elia & Ponto will do a splendid job at that.

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