Midnite’s Journey – Intriguing crime and romance novel

“Midnite’s Journey” by Dana Silkiss
Dana Silkiss takes readers of the novel “Midnite’s Journey” on a dark journey through America’s hell.

Midnite wants to be a star, but just as his musical career is about to go viral, he finds himself enduring the most terrifying tests of his young life. Together with Midnite, readers travel straight into America’s hell and wonder whether they’ll ever see the light again. Abducted by corrupt police and forced into slave labor, the musical prodigy is plunged into a true nightmare, witnessing prostitution, torture and murder. Alone, he must rely on his intellect, creativity and dreams of his music. While the events within the pages of this novel are too horrible to be true, they are based on a true story.

The spellbinding novel “Midnite’s Journey” by Dana Silkiss adresses corruption, forced and illegal labor as well as prostitution, romance and murder. The aftermath of Midnite’s escape is as riveting as the lead story. It details the beginnings of today’s privatized correctional facilities as well as the present day madness of America’s correctional policies. The novel is an intriguing mix of socio-critical crime thriller and mystery with a dash of romance thrown in to balance it all out.

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