LEOPARD KING – Magical novel about a special boy

“LEOPARD KING” by Arikpo Lawrence Omini
Arikpo Lawrence Omini tells the story of the “LEOPARD KING”, a boy destined to change the course of the world and time itself.

The Leopard King, called Kwakwu, flees after his kingdom is attacked and his father killed. The odyssey that follows prepares him for the trials ahead – a future in which he will change the world. Kwakwu returns home after completing his thirteen labours in the jungle assigned to him by the Moon Goddess Selene, who has cursed him with the fabled seventy two skins of invincibility and great power. Fighting and defeating the overlord of the alliance that killed his father, he reclaims his throne.

The fantastic adventures told in “LEOPARD KING” by Arikpo Lawrence Omini will draw readers into a fascinating world full of intense mystery and suspense. This hero’s journey and sees him successfully establish a futuristic utopian ‘World Kingdom,’ a society ruled by love for the environment, unity in one faith, as well as equality and prosperity for all. The story has many thrilling twists and turns in store before it finally arrives at its satisfying conclusion.

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