Germany and two World Wars – History book on the German Reich and the Nazi regime

“Germany and two World Wars” by Egon Harings
In his new book, “Germany and two World Wars”, Egon Harings looks back on a challenging period of German history.

Everybody is at least tangentially familiar with World Wars I and II. But how did it all start and how did one event lead to the next? The new history book by Egon Harings examines and breaks down the chain of events leading up to both World Wars. It all starts with the murder of the Austrian Archduke and his wife, who were killed in Sarajevo by a Bosnian Serb. This double murder led to Austria’s declaration of war on Serbia that, in turn, contributed to Russia declaring war on Austria, which again led to Germany joining the fray. Other states followed, resulting in the First World War, the most gruesome war the world had ever experienced. In the end, Germany and Austria lost and had to concede large portions of their countries, resulting in widespread hunger and suffering. From this ideal breeding ground, the terror of the nationalist movement was born. Hitler rose to power – and soon another devastating war followed.

After finishing “Germany and two World Wars” by Egon Harings, readers will have greatly improved their understanding of World Wars I and II, but will also have also acquainted themselves with artists, scientists and inventors active between 1914 and 1945. Though this lense, Harings examines the influence of Wars on the creative works of the era, e.g. by limiting access to materials. and regimes imposing strict rules on what types of art were permissable. Readers looking for a deeper insight into the world during two of the most famous wars will enjoy reading this book.

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