Listening Eyes Theatre Company looks to transmute long-standing theatre industry in New York.

New York City-based Listening Eyes Theatre Company’s mission is to build an open and creative environment with diverse storytellers to help them tell stories that are all too often overlooked. The founder Franklin Livingston envisions producing socially conscious content that pushes the envelope to spark a discussion amongst all sections of society including various religious, racial, ethnic, sexual and general based groups.

Franklin Livingston is an accomplished actor, singer, and producer who was frustrated with the roles and stories he was seeing for actors of color. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, he established LPI FilmsTM and Listening Eyes Theatre Company. Livingston studied acting at Moscow Arts Theater School, New York Film Academy, Atlantic Acting School and the Meisner Studio of Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He also received training in filmmaking, screenwriting and directing from New York University and Yale University.

Livingston began his singing and acting career in Pakistan. He grew up in an environment where he felt that he was unable to express his feelings because of the fear of religious persecution and political subjugation. Unfortunately, things were not favorable for him in the U.S. as well. In both countries, because of his faith, ethnicity, and accent, he had to face a massive amount of persecution, discrimination, and injustice. But at the same time, he also experienced joy and love, acceptance and encouragement which made him an impactful artist.

Listening Eyes Theatre Company’s first plays open up on September 13th, 2018. The story will lead us through the journey of Peyton who is in a contemporary world of heartache and failed love. Peyton finds herself stuck in a rut with only her dog, Snuggles, to talk to. Snuggles is Peyton’s only hope to get her out of the depression from her recent break-up with the love of her life, J. In Peyton’s mind: A non-binary never-gonna-get-over-them rock star who consumes Peyton’s thoughts. We see Peyton’s family, her dog, her ex and even her other self-try to push her out of the depression that has overtaken her life. Love Me Tender is a dark comedy that explores heartbreak, mental illness and how to care for our loved ones in their most desperate times of need.

The writer Kenny Hahn has poured out her soul into the story. Dan Barron, out of his busy Broadway schedule agreed to direct the play because he believes that Listening Eyes has the potential to transform the world. Kelsey Kindall, the associate producer, has put days and nights’ effort to make it a splendid show. Franklin Livingston being the executive producer feels blessed to have such a talented team working on this play.

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