Offers Reliable STD Test Kits for Home Use, an affiliate of LT labs headquartered in Singapore, provides fast and effective medical diagnostic kits for home and mobile users.

LT Labs is a healthcare supplies organization which focuses on offering superior quality medical test kits to their discerning customers.

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With the launch of their state-of-the-art STD test kits, is able to provide people with affordable STD testing at the privacy of the user’s own homes. is one of the authorized distributors of the diverse range of iCare products, which includes cancer markers, kits for detecting other infectious diseases, kits for detecting drugs of abuse and fertility test kits. The CEO of LT Labs claims that “each product is scientifically tested and certified by relevant authorities before distribution to cities across the globe.”

Preventing STDs: Testing is Crucial

STD Testing is one of the crucial elements in mankind’s fight against STDs. Encouraging STD testing helps in the prevention of STDs. This can be accomplished when people heed our message to get tested, and those who test positive seek appropriate treatment to prevent spreading the diseases to more people.  The STD tests that need to be performed should be convenient, effective and reasonably priced. A professional counseling session along with confirmatory tests can be provided if the testing outcome is positive. The old adage ‘Prevention is always better than cure’ is apt in this context. Everyone can lead a quality and healthier life, if they take steps to do it.

To overcome STDs, early diagnosis is imperative. For first timers, it is always easier to kick-off the testing and diagnosis via easy-to-use home testing kits, as compared to the idea of visiting a nearby clinic or a hospital for testing which may be daunting. If the results are positive, then an individual may approach a reliable medicare specialist for further advice and medical care. An STD rapid test kit can give results on the spot within minutes, and should be implemented as a screening test to determine any initial signs of the infectious disease.

STD Testing Window Periods

A window period is involved in conducting STD tests like HIV tests. The duration of a window period differs based on the individual and on the type of test. For example, for the HIV test, medical specialists recommend taking the HIV test two times: the first test at about 1 month from exposure, and the second test at 3 months from exposure. During the course of testing, one should abstain from sex or any activities that could spread the infection. offers STD test kits of exceptional accuracy. For example, their iCare HIV test is more than 99.8% accurate due to its high sensitivity and specificity. They offer antibody tests as well as antigen tests for other STDs. To be more certain of a test result, you may perform the test multiple times. If a test is found to be positive, then an individual may confirm their existing status by conducting confirmatory tests, such as the Western Blot, Multi-spot and PCR tests. When you visit the doctor for confirmatory testing, they will be able to recommend suitable counseling services and suggest a course of medical treatment.

iCare STD Tests

Their iCare STD rapid test kits are factory-sealed to ensure their accuracy. Their HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and herpes test kits come with a lancet that is sterilized for the safety. All substances that are used in the components of their kits are 100%safe and will not cause any harm in any way, as long as a person use them according to the instructions. The safety datasheet can be checked on their website for more info.

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