EOS super community – SEOS, launched globally synchronously

SEOS (SUPEREOSCOMMUNITY) is the world’s first EOS super community. SEOS can be understood as SUPER EOS COMMUNITY, a blockchain operating system designed for commercial distributed applications. SEOS is a new blockchain architecture introduced by EOS software to extend the performance of distributed applications.

SEOS is powerful by creating a developer-friendly blockchain underlying platform, a blockchain-like operating system. Can support multiple applications running at the same time, can support multiple programming languages ​​at the same time, provide the underlying modules for developers who develop dApp, lower the development threshold, just like Microsoft’s windows, and SEOS solves through parallel chain and POC. The problem of latency and data throughput, SEOS It is not as simple as digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is the SEOS technical team that works with the former core members of the EOS BM technical team to create SEOS digital assets. SUPER EOS COMMUNITY aims to Create a more complete EOS ecosystem and create an ecosystem of EOS super communities and EOS.
The SEOS Technology and Operations team was launched in the UK on January 5, 2018 and was an early investment by Lloyds TSB Group.

In March 2018, it entered the international market operation; on August 25, 2018, it entered the Southeast Asian countries.

Based on China’s actual national conditions, the SEAS sponsor team plans to enter the Chinese market in mid-September 2018.

SEOS aims to promote the globalization of EOS, improve the EOS global ecosystem, and build a blockchain consensus community.

The EOS super community comes with a PoC consensus mechanism. The PoC (Proof Of Contribution) contribution value proves that by calculating the contribution value for mining calculation, the user only needs to download the client software, and the effective certification has the opportunity to become a “miner”. Contribution values ​​include providing valid data, algorithm contributions, and activity, storage resources, community contribution values ​​(online time), and more. A consensus is reached through the PoC contribution value proof + weighted calculation.

The PoC contribution value proves to be based on the AI ​​deep learning mechanism. The higher the contribution value, the higher the mining probability.

Based on the PoC contribution value, the AI ​​deep learning method is used to implement the node consensus, namely: AI’s Law.

The data user makes a request and broadcasts, and the data provider winds the data and performs matching transactions through AI deep learning to achieve effective data contribution. Namely: AI data value discovery, AI’s Rulebase.

SEOS is a new encrypted payment system and a secure encrypted digital currency.

In the future, SEOS will become the core of the industrial chain, value chain and ecological chain of the diversified entities in the shared economic ecosystem, and the core information source of the large data center in the inter-island blockchain. With the trend generated by the sharing economy, the SEAS application ecosystem will accurately match the two parties to achieve intelligent integration, significantly increase the transaction rate and reduce transaction costs.

As an internal financial hub or center to promote internal fund transfer and centralized management, SEOS further evolves the digital financial system into a shared economic ecosystem and extends to the industrial chain, value chain and ecology, and cooperates with various financial institutions and entity industries. Construct the application ecology of “blockchain 3.0 technology + asset investment + financial consumption”.

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