The selection of piano has always been troublesome for parents of little piano players, they don’t know how to choose, they don’t know which kind of piano is better, in order to provide a reference to you, I have prepared a list for all to choose better high end pianos.


Bush & Gerts Piano CH-3

Bush &Gerts Piano CH-3 (the series of Chicago, produced in China), the appearance is concise and atmospheric, the height of 122CM has a larger space to play on the resonance of acoustics, it can completely meet the arrangement in the sitting room and the bed room.

Bush & Gerts CH-3 is the most outstanding one among the competitors with the same price, it is a better choice for those parents whose ideal price is between 11000-12000 dollars, as an editor, I saw its market price is 11900 dollars, this price is reasonable among the brands with the same configuration.

Bush & Gerts CH-3 has no advantages compared with the series of White House collections on configuration, after all its advantage is on the price-quality ratio, although it is not configured with the key notes of mahogany and ebony, it is configured with the ebony for the black notes, there is no lack of functions such as anti-skidding and moisture absorbing, it has a great improvement compared with the traditional resins like ABS.

In addition, it is equipped with the ROSLAU strings from Germany, STRUNZ solid wood panels from Germany, suspended sound board technology of internal stress, DEHONIT pin block from Germany etc., these materials are in the high configurations of pianos, it is cost-effective to purchase a piano with these configurations with the price of a little more than 10 thousand dollars.

Balancing system with action and keyboard

This is the very point that I recommend as an editor, the technology of balancing system with action can only be seen in a part of the models manufactured among the other renowned pianos from Europe and America, like the models manufactured in the United States, all the models of Bush & Gerts manufactured in China made it a standard assembly for the whole series, you can keep the keyboard unmoved with the stir of a hammer which guarantees a faster speed of response without being impacted by the keyboard by the falling of hammer. This technology also guarantees the consistency of the hand feeling on the piano keys during the performance, there will not be any different feelings at the keyboard.

Speaking of action which is also the heart of piano, the action of Bush & Gerts from Chicago found a balance point between the performance and the stability, compared with the other brands for the current time which substitute some components with plastics or carbon fiber, the action of CH-3 still keeps the material of pure solid wood for the manufacturing.

In fact, among these configurations, my favorite one is the suspended sound board of internal stress. What is suspended sound board of internal stress? In the piano, this kind of design can guarantee the smooth response of the sound board itself so that the larger vibration can be spread to the air and brings richer and more lasting resonance which creates a larger contrast ratio between the extremities of strength and weakness. With the use of this sound board, the performance of outstanding piano players can have the limitless rich variation for which it truly shows the charm of piano art. Generally, only those world class pianos like Steinway, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin have the technology of suspended sound board of gradual thinness with the internal stress. 

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