Help Save The Environment With A Reusable Straw – 304 Straw

304 Straw The World’s Most Compact, Reusable Straw is now available to purchase through a crowdfunding campaign. The new reusable straw has gained worldwide exposure for being the most exciting reusable straw on the market.

At a time when the world is fighting to save the environment and stop all the plastic waste being dumped into the ocean, a company has come forward with a solution.

A new reusable straw called 304 straw which aims to put a stop to the 500 million straws used each day has been invented. The new straw ( which has already gained worldwide exposure is available to purchase through a crowdfunding campaign.

Each year 14 billion pounds of plastic is dumped in the ocean, which is causing serious suffering and distress and even killing sea life. Part of the plastic waste is plastic straws. With 500 million straws being used each day, a large portion of those straws ends up in the Ocean causing a serious environmental problem. The new 304 Straw which is the world’s most compact reusable straw and the most stylish is helping to reduce the plastic waste problem.

The designer and inventor behind the 304 Straw is determined to help reduce the plastic that finds its way in the ocean. She wants to see supermarkets put a stop to selling plastic straws and instead sell reusable straws. She also wants to see food outlets reward their customers for bringing their own reusable straws instead of supplying a plastic straw with each drink they sell. By doing this, it will help to reduce the plastic waste and will make the ocean a safer environment for sea life.

The reusable straw which is easy to clean and has an adjustable straw can be used for any drink including milkshakes, smoothies, and even alcoholic drinks. It is so compact it can be put in a top. It is a perfect present for those people who want to help put a stop to the plastic waste and save the environment.

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With the Patented Telescopic Design, 304 Straw is adjustable and ultra-compact. It’s the most convenient reusable straw ever created!

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