Web design and software development company Samex announces their apprentice program to become a full stack developer

Samex is an online marketing, web design and software development company based in Troy, Michigan, USA, that has announced the launch of an Apprentice program which will allow the enrolled candidates to become a certified full stack developer. The program has a duration of 16 weeks and is suitable for students, working adults and even current developers at any skill level who need to add another skill to their resume or gain valuable knowledge when applying for a job as a developer. There are limited seats in the program, which is completely tuition-free and can be taken completely online with sessions starting on September 4th.

Full stack developers are essentially those that design complete applications and websites, from its design to development and even its deployment and maintenance. These developers work on all aspects of the development process, from front-end to back-end, database to debugging and even testing. Samex’s Apprentice program will help the participants expand their expertise in multiple technologies by offering a structured curriculum that includes video lessons, digital textbooks for reading, individual and team-based projects, and exams. This structured curriculum ensures that all participants are well versed in the different technologies and leave after 16 weeks as an experienced, knowledgeable and certified developer.

Participants will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the program, answering any questions and helping overcome obstacles. They’ll be able to contact their mentor through email, chat and even video calls. Students will also get real-world experience by working on projects that will help companies in many different industries. Apprentices will also get instruction and coaching on how to properly craft resumes and CVs, and learn interview techniques so they can better market themselves as a developer and get the job they desire.

The demand for full stack developers is constantly increasing due to the multiple skills they have, yet the resources to become one are quite limited. Unlike the other courses available in the market that only provide technical information, Samex’s program focuses on real-world applications that provide the users with the knowledge that they’ll need to work on real-life projects, and experience working with actual companies. For the 16 weeks of the program, students are expected to devote a minimum of 20 hours a week to get the best learning experience. Since it’s an online program, the students have the freedom to learn from anywhere and mostly, anytime.

The apprentice program can really work for anyone because it provides an easy introduction to all the different technologies before exploring the intermediate and more advanced concepts. The five main segments of the program are Frontend, Backend, Database, DevOps, and Debugging/Version Control. There is a minimal, non-refundable application fee of $50 USD and once their application is reviewed and accepted, there are no fees or tuition costs for the program.


Samex is a web design, software development and marketing company that provides services like web development, e-Commerce, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, and Copywriting. The company is based in Michigan, USA and has a long list of satisfied clients, the newest one being Liquid Web who is using Web Design and Content Marketing services to grow their business.

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