The Power of Personal Transformation Book Is Launched Dr. Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti

Seattle, WA, USA – August 30, 2018 – I’m Dr. Olu Oluwa-tofehinti, Best Selling Author, a pastor of House of Praise Foursquare Church in Bellevue, WA. I have just released a book “The Power of Personal Transformation”, on Amazon.

I have taught and preached to thousands! Since this is August, and many are on vacation and many are planning to go back to the next school year. Do you know that 96% of their personal development efforts completely failed, which is why I have written this book to help people in their quest for personal development?

Did you know that only 11-18% of all couples’ therapy achieves any long-term success? I find that staggering. The statistic for organizational change isn’t much better. Rick Maurer, the author of Behind the Wall of Resistance, says, “In fact, according to research by McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all changes in all organizations fail.”

Like so many, we focus too much on things that will not bring transformation. We look for the magic pills, we set vague goals, we gather too many information that doesn’t help. Also, we fear failure.

Now that we know the mistakes to avoid here are my 4 anchors to personal transformation! They seem simple, but they work.

The 1st Anchor is the Bible, decided to get into the Word, spend time daily to meditate on the Word.

The 2nd Anchor is Prayer, the worst thing people do is they know prayer work, but they don’t use it. Don’t just pray, pray the word.

The 3rd Anchor is The church (fellowship), do you know that researchers have found that the no 1 thing you can do to live healthier and longer is to spend time with people you love. What about being in fellowship and part of a family of believers.

The 4th Anchor is The family, I don’t have to explain this much because as a nation you’ll agree with me that the family is under attack, kids are been raised in single-family homes. Our traditional understanding of family is being redefined every day etc.

Those are the big mistakes to avoid, my book provides solutions to all these and leads to personal transformation:

Olu Oluwa-Tofehinti, MA, D.Div – CEO

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