Profacgen Provides a Comprehensive Portfolio of Protein Expression Systems for Customers Worldwide

Recombinant protein expression is the technique of target protein production using the recombinant DNA technology. Choosing an appropriate protein expression system is the key to the success of recombinant protein expression. Several factors need to be taken into consideration, including target protein property, intended application, protein yield and cost. To address the increasing need of quality protein expression systems, Profacgen organized a team of experienced protein biologists and offer a comprehensive portfolio of expression systems.

Besides the most commonly used four expression systems including bacteria expression, yeast expression, insect/baculovirus expression and mammalian expression, Profacgen also provides cell free expression, c1 expression and animal expression. Stable cell line construction for large amount of protein expression is also available for both research and industrial production.

“With customized technical strategies, flexible production scale and proprietary technologies, we are sure to offer our clients with highly efficient and high-quality recombinant protein production, process development and scale-up production for downstream applications. Moreover, our service can be tailored according to our customers’ specific needs.” Commented Crystal, the chief marketing staff in Profacgen.

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About Profacgen
Profacgen provides process development and cGMP manufacturing services for biological active ingredients. We have ready access to state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing facilities and our staff scientists have demonstrable expertise in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, from facility design and operation to the ability to provide best advice relating to product development. We also save our clients a great deal of time with bioprocess scale-up services. Our fermentation laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art fermentors and bioreactors that enable us to express protein in large scale. Our customers can choose to enter into the protein purification pipeline at any stage depending on their needs.

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