AICHAIN “POAI Consensus Mechanism”: Optimal Balance of Performance and Security Through AI

For the public chain, decentralization and security are highly correlated, so an ideal public chain consensus mechanism should be both decentralized and high performance.

Unfortunately, at current stage, the decentralization and high performance of blockchain are contradictory to some extent, it is difficult to achieve both decentralization and high performance. In order to find the balance between security and performance, the blockchain industry has tried a variety of consensus mechanism, the influential ones are POW, POS, PBFT, DPOS, DBFT and so on. 

POW is the earliest appearance and the most accepted consensus algorithm. It is introduced and used by Bitcoin. ETH also adopts the POW consensus mechanism. POW is a relatively fair, decentralized network with a high degree of security. It requires huge energy and computing resources to complete a 51% computational attack.

In fact, the complete theory of improving efficiency by selecting certain super nodes to do transaction confirmation was first proposed by a professor in the field of artificial intelligence at MIT. Up to now, AI technology has been completely used to replace manual votes, and there is no need to rely on people.

AICHAIN put this idea into practice, pioneered the POAI (Proof of AI) consensus mechanism: low-level blockchain will be controlled by artificial intelligence which truly realizes “code is the law.”

POAI uses AI to select super nodes. The specific implementation path is to use AI machine learning method to statistically analyze historical block data, and to decide and select super nodes.

This process is entirely relying on the working result from each node under POW consensus mechanism. The AI algorithm performs algorithm analysis on the past blocks, calculates the contribution weights of each node, determines which nodes can be selected as super nodes according to the weight ranking. It is also determined by AI whether the original super node will go or stay according to the new ranking.

In this way, AI becomes part of the low-level consensus of the blockchain. Under this consensus mechanism, nodes are no longer controlled by people, and are completely maintained and scheduled by machines.

In addition, unlike the “representative system” consensus, there is no concept of “super node candidate” in POAI which means all nodes have the opportunity to participate in mining, as long as the accounting contribution is better than other nodes in the POW mechanism, the AI robot will analyze and select this node as super node.

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