OLE will become the next generation of social IP economy!

On August 20th, hundreds of local and overseas media gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, focusing on the “Super Oliver, Shining in Vietnam” anchor competition. Enthusiastically, there are millions of platform users and anchor fans of the OLive social live platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The scale of the event in this anchor competition is comparable to a beauty contest. In addition to the star style, the winners and runner-ups of the championship are determined by loyal fans who vote for and reward their favorite anchors.

These fan groups have created millions of high profits from the live broadcast platform. The OLive live platform has been in Vietnam for just 2 months, with over one million users and thousands of anchors, ranking first in the market. OLive’s entrepreneurial miracle is driven by the paradigm shift in the economy, followed by OLE, the world’s first social IP consensus economy that is based on blockchain technology.

OLive is at the center of the OLE Social IP Consensus Economy, creating a huge portal to generate market traffic. As a result of oligopolies from traditional Internet social platforms, the cost of customer acquisition has become the biggest barrier. The investment value of a token economy, value management, value-sharing network, and the fan system of IP business value is locked, will combine to break through the barriers to the Internet giant’s traffic.  In addition to the strategic positioning of the traffic portal, OLive has allowed for OLE anchor to tap into the commercial value of millions of fans.

The winner of this anchor contest will use the OLE social economy as an ecosystem platform and will become a commercial benchmark with continuous traffic expansion, star-making, entertainment brokerage and IP derivative value. The event attracted the attention of social media and investors in Southeast Asia. The social IP economy will help rapidly expand the OLE consensus economy to other Southeast Asian regions.

As internet usage becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the perspective of media as a living and social environment is more important than ever. The user becomes the content on the internet, with IP as an extension of the user’s culture. Culture is something that is in the interaction between media and human beings. In a token economy, users pursue more than information-sharing and communication across different borders. The business becomes an extension of themselves.

The emergence of the token economy has provided an epochal change in the status, organization, and application of knowledge. The flexible, agile, and iterative ability to form an insight into value of traffic as the starting point of all its logic is what the era is known for. Nowadays, the traffic is about experience, links, communities, data. New business is personality consumption, the pursuit of exclusivity, users are more sensitive to value of traffic than to price.

OLE’s ecosystem includes IP/star-making, traffic enlargement and IP enhancement to circulate its investment value. It can be used in numerous application scenarios, which comprise of OLive’s live broadcast, cultivation of key opinion leaders (KOL), KOL related content consumption, and commercial advertisements. 

In the value investment ecosystem, OLive is a portal to generate traffic, through cultivating  KOL’s to enlarge traffic. OLive also serves as a way to monetize the derivative IP / fan economy to obtain business value, along with commercial advertising to get more return. The expansion of IP-based economy has become the DNA of the new business ecosystem. In the age of mobile e-commerce, the most core business is social e-commerce, because today, to generate an IP economy is our most important new channel.

It has also reshaped the ecosystem and increased the flow of compensation.

These ecosystem applications have brought rich investment value OLE’s social economy. It has also reinvented the ecosystem to provide commensurate compensation of traffic/IP.

The token economy has distributed benefits fostered the growth of KOL business value. As a result, the token market value will be locked by the sustainability of our IP economy model. These will enable OLE’s ecosystem, via the incubation of certified trainees as an entertainment broker. Secondly, OLE’s value will be enriched by the Social platform’s cooperation with oversea MCN organizations. Finally, it will expand the IP economy with investment value.  These scenarios are the new form of the economy.

OLE has successfully embraced the digital age and reshaped the scenario of an IP economy. The design of the social IP economy has made traffic production a more sustainable business. Under the token economy model, the traffic acquisition method, and the traffic monetization mode are changed.

The structure of the IP economy reduces barriers in different regions, platforms, and groups. It directly addresses the market pain point, lowers the cost of customer acquisition, increases the borderless absorption of valued traffic, and improves high traffic monetization rate. The influence of KOL’s are bolstered step by step, through the establishment of IP/stars, IP management, platform expansion, and cross-platform traffic integration. As the value of the economy investment is no longer limited to the platform, all Users, KOL, and investors are actively involved in traffic creation directly, rather than passively receiving it.

The IP social economy is a new way to expand business traffic, with the investment value centered around content and traffic. IP is becoming the common language for the whole industry. It is the currency of social connections and the entry point for the monetization of IP/traffic.

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