In an effort to encourage raising children on a plant-based diet, tech giant, Facebook, has collaborated with vegan company, Raise Vegan, Inc. to offer a supportive, virtual classroom for parents

The new group, Just Ask The Dietician, has been chosen as one of 25 groups worldwide to beta test this new group format. The new, subscription-based, virtual classroom launched earlier this week. It is run by experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and birth. The program offers continuous six-week courses through the Facebook app, in partnership with Google and Apple.

The vegan company was just started last year and has an entirely female-led team. They are based in New York with offices in Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. What began as a Facebook group for like-minded individuals, Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting quickly gave way to Raise Vegan, Inc. After seeing a much needed gap in educational resources available to vegan parents, the website, Raisevegan.com, was born. Providing relevant and accurate nutrition and parenting information helped the group grow from a couple hundred members to over 45 thousand in a matter of months.

The multimedia company also publishes Raise Vegan, the premier vegan parenting magazine worldwide. It is available in both print and digital subscriptions. Raise Vegan, Inc. has been working closely with Facebook developers since 2017, so it has been a natural progression to being chosen to test their new subscription-based group format.

Just Ask The Dietician offers on-going, six-week courses that educate parents on a healthy vegan lifestyle from conception all the way through to adulthood. In order to join the classroom, one must be a member of the free private group, Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting, and request to join from there. The group costs $9.99  USD per month and is charged directly through the App Store on Apple or Android accounts. It can be cancelled at any time by simply removing oneself as a member.

The courses are led by vegan nutrition experts and registered dieticians, Dahlia and James Marin. They are a husband and wife team and they own the company Married to Health. Their programs will help arm parents with expert information for raising vegan children, offer short master classes, and provide daily interaction and online support from experts. It’s a great way to explore the finer details of plant-based nutrition.

To find out more, join the free parenting group, Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting, on Facebook.

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