Positek Now Offers a More Diverse Array of LVDTs and Other Types of Position Sensors for Various Sectors

Position sensors play a vital role in many situations, and they are known for their broad functions. Position sensors are now a lot more advanced than ever, as evidenced in the selection offered by Positek Limited. Today, Positek Limited releases a more diverse collection of LVDTs and other kinds of sensors for use in different sectors.

UNITED KINGDOM – Positek Limited has already made a name for itself as one of the leading manufacturers and producers of position sensors in the UK, and with good reason. The company specialises in different kinds of sensors with various functions, with each product more advanced, more updated, and more durable and efficient than the previous.

At Positek Limited, customers can find what they need in regard to position sensors, whether they are looking for linear position sensors, rotary position sensors, inclinometers and tilt sensors, and even bespoke, fully-customised position sensors built according to their exact requirements. And now, Positek Limited has expanded its range to include more products which have become necessary for different functions in different sectors.

Positek Limited’s selection now includes linear position sensors such as the P100 cylinder linear position sensor, the P101 stand-alone linear position sensor, the P103 short stroke sensor, the P106 internally-mounted cylinder position sensor (which comes with external electronic capabilities), and the P111 rugged stand-alone linear position sensor. But the list doesn’t end there. Positek Limited also offers gauge head position sensors, slim-line linear position sensors, slim-line and short stroke linear position sensors, and mid-stroke position sensors, among many others.

It is now also easier for customers to select the sensor they need at Positek Limited, as the company provides search criteria that include measurement type (linear, rotary, or tilt), measurement range (millimetres, inches, or degrees), required intrinsic safety (none, ATEX, IECEx, and CSA), hazardous environment (vapour and gas, dust, or mining), and environmental sealing, with choices such as IP67, IP68 (10-bar), and IP68 (350-bar).

Customers can easily find what they need at Positek Limited, and the company also strives to provide customers with guides and crucial information about the uses of position sensors so they can confidently make the right decision. For instance, Positek Limited provides information about different technologies for sensors and provides data about the wide and varied uses of potentiometers, inductive sensors, LVDTs, armatures, and more.

About the company:

Positek Limited is a specialist when it comes to position sensors of all kinds, and it has been producing a wide range of linear position sensors, rotary position sensors, tilt sensors, inclinometers, and customised position sensors for years. For those who are looking for an exceptional LVDT selection, visit Positek’s website.  

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