Echoko launches the unique Echoko Earbud on Indiegogo

Echoko is an innovative manufacturer of unique earbuds and as part of the company’s goals of helping people enjoy the true essence of using earbuds, and eliminating noise and external distraction to the barest minimum, Echoko has announced the introduction of the first of its kind Hand-Crafted Customized In-ear Monitor, which has been launched on Indiegogo, allowing buyers across the globe to enjoy the best audio quality possible without having to break the bank.

Earphones and headphones come in different `styles and quality. However, regardless of the style or brand of the earpiece, the primary aim of the user is to enjoy the highest possible sound quality that is as free from noise and other such distraction as possible. Unfortunately, most of the available products have failed to address the needs of music lovers and other such users of earphones. This is where Echoko is looking to make a difference with the Echoko Earbud.

The handcrafted in-ear monitor comes with layered sound details, presenting users with the true emotion of original music. It also features tight closure and a stable frequency response curve to ensure optimal sound output.

The major advantage of the handcrafted five dynamic driver EK531 is its amazing performance, helping users to uncover the most subtle details of sound and transparent high frequency sound. The in-ear monitor consequently offers clearer sound, allowing users to rediscover new sound like never before without compromising their comfort, thanks to the ergonomic and art-like design of the earbuds.

The handwoven silver plated audio cable ensures the durability of the earbuds, while gilded plug offers sound consistency with customized soft silicone buds to ensure a perfect fit.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Hand-Crafted Customized In-ear Monitor is aimed at raising a total of $1,000 within 30 days, with the raised funds to be used in bringing high quality sound to users of earphones across the globe.

More information about the Echoko Earbud can be found on Indiegogo.

About Echoko

Echoko is jointly created by senior earphone R&D group and marketing team with the aim of providing armature headphones that will deliver perfect sound experience to customers. Each of the products from Echoko are designed and aligned by top engineers and demanding music fans for capturing more accurate and subtle sound.

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